Evaluation of suicide among Iranian ex-prisoners of war in Iraq detention camps (1980-90)

Background: Prisoners of war (POWs) are usually at risk of suicide due to problems such as torture, social and emotional deprivation, etc. The present study aimed to investigate suicide cases among Iranian prisoners of war (POWs) over ten years of their presence in the camps in Iraq (1980-1990). Methods: Data required in this study were collected in […]

Suicide ideation and deliberate self-harm among ex-prisoners of war.

The current study aims to assess the relations among war captivity, PTSD, suicidal ideation (SI), and deliberate self-harm (DSH) among former prisoners of war (ex-POWs). Israeli ex-POWs (N = 176) and a matched control group of combat veterans (controls; N = 118) were assessed using self-report measures. Ex-POWs with PTSD reported higher levels of both […]