Witnessing suicide-related behavior in prison: A qualitative study of young male prisoners in England

Background: Rates of suicide and suicide-related behavior (SRB) are high in prison. Those witnessing such behavior may develop psychological morbidity. Most previous studies have been quantitative. Little has been written about the witnesses’ qualitative experience. Aims: The aim of the study was to explore, through interview and then thematic analysis, the core concerns of those witnessing another’s […]

Suicide in prisons: Describing trends and staff knowledge and preparedness to address suicide

Purpose: Suicide prevention and intervention in prisons is a challenge. Prisons were not designed to be clinical facilities, yet with the growing numbers of people who face mental health challenges in prisons, staff require knowledge and skills to adequately address mental health crises, especially suicide. This study aims to: describe trends in suicide attempts and completions […]

Health care disparities for incarcerated adults after a suicide attempt

Objective Incarcerated adults have high rates of fatal and nonfatal suicidal behaviors. Suicide prevention recommendations stress the need for the provision of health care for incarcerated adults after suicide attempts, yet prison policies and practices often focus instead on punitive responses to suicidal behaviors. Existing research is limited regarding factors that predict the provision of […]

Personal, criminal and social predictors of suicide attempts in prison

Previous epidemiological analyses indicate that specific demographic and criminal factors might be associated with suicide attempts during incarceration. However, there is a relative lack of research examining the role of social variables such as perceived social support. Data from 943 male inmates enrolled from three correctional facilities in Spain were collected. Participants completed self-report measures […]

Multidimensional approach to suicide prevention in jails and prisons: The best defense against liability lawsuits

Inmates in jails and prisons are a high-risk group for suicide. Often, legal claims of medical negligence and §1983 based on deliberate indifference by the correctional officials follow. Unique stable and dynamic factors and circumstances and their interaction explain most suicides. A systematic suicide screening using a well-designed suicide screening questionnaire that captures known risk […]

Proximal risk for suicide in correctional settings: A call for priority research

Suicide is the leading cause of death among jail detainees and the third leading cause of death among state prison inmates. These populations have been recognized as a high-risk group deserving special clinical attention. The literature on deaths by suicide in correctional settings has identified numerous risk factors for eventual death, but few of these […]