Initiatives addressing precarious employment and its effects on workers’ health and well-being: A protocol for a systematic review

Background Precarious employment is a significant determinant of population health and health inequities and has complex public health consequences both for a given nation and internationally. Precarious employment is conceptualized as a multi-dimensional construct including but not limited to employment insecurity, income inadequacy, and lack of rights and protection in the employment relation, which could […]

Precarious employment and the risk of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

Highlights ¥ The effect of occupation or employment status on suicide risk is notable. ¥ There are few studies on the effect of precarious employment on suicide. ¥ We investigated the association between precarious employment and suicide risk. ¥ Precarious workers had a higher suicide risk than non-precarious workers. ¥ Precarious employment is an important […]