Post-traumatic symptom severity mediates the association between combat exposure and suicidal ideation in veterans

Objective Previous studies of military veterans have produced mixed findings regarding whether combat exposure is directly related to suicidal ideation or is indirectly related to suicidal ideation via its influence on other factors. The present study used a longitudinal design to test the hypothesis that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptom severity mediates the effect of […]

Suicide and maternal mortality

Purpose of Review Suicide is a leading cause of death in the perinatal period (pregnancy and 1¬†year postpartum). We review recent findings on prevalence, risk factors, outcomes, and prevention and intervention for suicide during pregnancy and the first year postpartum. Recent Findings Standardization of definitions and ascertainment of maternal deaths have improved identification of perinatal […]

Do maternal depression and self-esteem moderate and mediate the association between intimate partner violence after childbirth and postpartum suicidal ideation?

Intimate partner violence (IPV) during the perinatal period is believed to have an adverse effect on maternal mental health. Given the risks of suicide and related public health concerns, the aim of this study is to examine (1) the association of experiencing physical, psychological, and sexual IPV after childbirth on postpartum suicidal ideation (SI), and […]

Mental health and maternal mortality: When new life doesn’t bring joy

Objective : To characterize the incidence and risk factors associated with maternal suicide during the peripartum period in an Alberta population. Our secondary objective was to characterize the incidence and risk factors associated with traumatic death in this same population. Methods : This is a retrospective cohort study compared all-cause mortality with death by trauma […]

Predictors and outcomes of suicidal ideation during peripartum period

Introduction Suicide belongs to the leading causes of maternal perinatal mortality and suicidal ideation is one of the strongest predictors for suicide attempt and completion and thus represents an opportunity for early intervention prior to self and infant harm. This post-hoc analysis aims to investigate predictors of peripartum suicidality (PS) and potential maternal and infant […]

Is parity status associated with bipolar disorder clinical features, severity of evolution?

Objective To assess prospectively the association of the number of past pregnancies on the evolution of bipolar disorder (BD). Methods Data were drawn from the 2 waves of the National Epidemiologic Study of Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), a representative sample of the US population of 34,653 participants. All women diagnosed with BD were included. […]

Sad dads: Paternal postpartum depression.

The postpartum period is associated with many adjustments to fathers that pose risks for depression. Estimates of the prevalence of paternal postpartum depression (PPD) in the first two months postpartum vary in the postpartum period from 4 to 25 percent. Paternal PPD has high comorbidity with maternal PPD and might also be associated with other […]

Suicides during pregnancy and 1 year postpartum in Sweden, 1980-2007.

Although the incidence of suicide among women who have given birth during the past 12 months is lower than that of women who have not given birth, suicide remains one of the most common causes of death during the year following delivery in high-income countries, such as Sweden. The maternal suicide ratio was 3.7 per […]

Bipolar disorder, affective psychosis, and schizophrenia in pregnancy and the post-partum period.

The perinatal period is associated with an increased risk of severe mental disorders. We summarise the evidence regarding the epidemiology, risk factors, and treatment of severe mental illness in relation to childbirth, focusing on bipolar disorder, affective psychosis, and schizophrenia. We discuss women with ongoing chronic conditions and those with the onset of new episodes […]

Explaining risk for suicidal ideation in adolescent offspring of mothers with depression.


Coping and Suicidal Ideations in Women With Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

This exploratory descriptive study used secondary data from a study of women who experienced symptoms of postpartum depression to examine the relationship between coping mechanisms & suicide ideation. Convenience & purposive sampling were used to obtain a community sample of 40 women in Alberta & New Brunswick. Binary logistic regression was employed. Approximately 27% of […]

Suicide and Gender: Cultural Factors


Deaths From Suicide and Other Psychiatric Causes IN: Why Mothers die 2000-2002: the Sixth Report of the Confidential Enquires into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom, ed. by G Lewis and J Drife

Prevalence of Suicidality During Pregnancy and the Postpartum

This review examined the available prevalence estimates of suicidality in preganancy & the postpartum. While suicides & attempts are lower during pregnancy & the postpartum than in the general population of women, when deaths do occur, suicide accounts for up to 20% of these deaths. Self-harm ideation is more common with thoughts of self-harm during […]

Suicide: the Leading Cause of Maternal Death


Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders: a Leading Cause of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality


Murderous Parents

This article offers observations regarding some of the major manifestations of family violence, neonaticide, infanticide, & filicide with the purpose of aiding in the early identification of parents at risk. A brief review of pertinent literature is presented. Pertinent case studies from the forensic psychiatric practice of the author along with psychodynamic reflections are offered. […]

Health-Related Problems in a Vulnerable Population: Pregnant Teens and Adolescent Mothers

This article focuses on the relationship between lack of social & environmental resources & the risk factors for health problems (including depression & suicidality) in pregnant teens & adolescent mothers. Based on their findings, the authors provide recommendations for nursing assessment & intervention. (48 refs)

Recognizing Suicide Potential in Women: When to Suspect, how to Screen, What to do


Deaths From Psychiatric Causes (IN: Why Mothers die 1997-1998: the Fifth Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom)

This chapter discusses maternal deaths in the United Kingdom resulting from psychiatric causes notified to the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom. The author found that psychiatric disorders are known to have caused or contributed to 12% of maternal deaths, 10% of which were due to suicide. Suicides in this group of […]


This article describes the clinical diagnosis & treatment of depression. Types of depression & warning signs for specific populations (such as the elderly & medically ill) are presented. Suicidal ideations & behaviors are identified as warning signs for this disorder. The author stated that over two-thirds of people who died by suicide had given evidence […]

Maternal Mortality in Sweden, 1980-1988

All maternal deaths in Sweden during 1980-1988 were analyzed. There were 64 pregnancy-related deaths including 3 suicides. Another 28 suicides occurred 43-365 days after delivery. Violent methods of suicide were used; only 4 cases involved intoxication. It is argued that there is a relationship between delivery & suicide during the following year as a complication […]

Teetering on the Edge: a Substantive Theory of Postpartum Depression

This article reports on a study that led to development of a theory of postpartum depression. Data were obtained from a support group over an 18-month period & 12 in-depth interviews. Data analysis revealed loss of control as the basic social problem. Women suffering from postpartum depression attempted to cope with this problem through the […]