Socioaffective issues and concerns among gifted Filipino children.


Uncultural Behavior: an Anthropological Investigation of Suicide in the Southern Philippines

This anthropological study is on the Palawan culture & society in the southern Philippines. Part One discusses the Kulbi-Kenipaqan River basin & its people; material culture & the symbolic structure of everyday life; social organization, the spiritual world of the Kulbi people; & personhood, emotions, & moral values. Part Two includes chapters on Sumling’s death, […]

Hopelessness and Loneliness Among Suicide Attempters in School-Based Samples of Taiwanese, Philippine and Thai Adolescents

The incidence of attempted suicide was assessed in 3 school-based samples of adolescents in Taiwan, the Philippines, & Thailand. The prevalence of suicide attempts across the 3 samples were not consistent with Taiwanese girls & boys the most likely to have ever attempted suicide. As expected, results showed suicide attempters (in the past 12 months […]

Urug: an Anthropological Investigation on Suicide in Palawan, Philippines


Who has Accurate Knowledge About Suicide? A Study of Americans, Turks, and Filipinos

To explore further the correlates of possessing accurate knowledge about suicide, a questionnaire was given to 63 American police officers, 102 American college students, 100 Turkish undergraduates, & 147 Filipino nursing students. Inaccuracy scores on the suicide myths inventory were not correlated with age, gender, or belief in an external locus of control in the […]

Some Personal Psycho-Social Factors Related to Marital Functionality Among Selected Filipino-American Couples in Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines

This article attempts to profile characteristics (independent variables) predictive of success in cross-cultural marriages, to provide insight into sources of marital conflict, & to help couples develop more satisfying marriages. Results include: cross-cultural difficulties are more strongly the result of personal-psychological variables than differences in cultural orientation; the Tennessee Self Concept Scales & critical items […]

Juramentado: Institutionalized Suicide Among the Moros of the Philippines

This paper describes a rare pattern of victim precipitated homicide practiced by the Moros in the southern Phillipines. “Going Juramentado” is the term describing the practice of locating places known to be frequented by Christians & killing as many of them as possible, in the hope of being killed in the course of this activity. […]

Parrang Sabbil: Ritual Suicide Among the Tausug of Jolo

The author discusses the Tausug concept of “parrang sabbil”, a form of altruistic suicide that has its origin in the holy war between Christians & Islamics in the Philippines during the 19th century. Called “juramentado” by the Spanish, it was a form of suicide in which an Islamic man went to a Christian settlement & […]