Madness, Neurasthenia, and “Modernity”: Medico-Legal and Popular Interpretations of Suicide in Early Twentieth-Century Lima

This article examines medico-legal & popular interpretations of suicide in early twentieth-century Lima. In this period, physicians & lawyers interpreted suicide though the lens of modern scientific & legal thought & came to challenge the traditional interpretations of the Church, which insisted that suicide was a voluntary act. For ordinary people, medico-legal discourse on suicide […]

Depressive Symptomatology Across the Americas

The authors compared depressive symptomatology & its sociocultural context across a Peruvian sample of 93 & a US sample of 64 adult depressive patients. The design involved the interview & evaluation of both groups by a bilingual investigator using Spanish- & English-language versions of the same assessment instrument. A basic commonality of core depressive symptoms […]

Self-Mutilation By Peruvian Prisoners