Suicide Rate Among Former Swedish Peacekeeping Personnel

This study investigated the suicide rate among former Swedish peacekeeping personnel. The authors compared 39,768 former peacekeepers to the general Swedish populaton. A lower number of suicides was found among former peacekeepers than in the general population. Unique problems associated with this research area are discussed. (30 refs.) JA

Is Peacekeeping Peaceful? A Systematic Review

The literature on the association between deployment to a peacekeeping mission & distress, mental disorders, & suicide was systematically reviewed. 68 articles are included in the review. Some studies have found higher levels of postdeployment distress & posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. Most studies have not shown an increased risk of suicide in former peacekeepers. As […]

Suicide Prevention in Veterans From Peace-Keeping

During recent years, increased attention has been given to the stressors inherent in peace-keeping & to the possible negative long-term health effects for the personnel involved. Exposure to danger & disturbing scenes during the service period may result in an increased risk of posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans. The risk of suicide in peace-keeping veterans […]

Suicide in Peacekeepers. A Cohort Study of Mortality From Suicide in 22,275 Norwegian Veterans From International Peacekeeping Operations