Responding to suicide: A pastoral handbook for Catholic leaders

Many pastoral leaders feel ill-equipped to respond to the turmoil of those who face the death by suicide of a loved one. Responding to Suicide is the first book written for Catholic leaders that takes a holistic approach to understanding suicide and ministering effectively in its aftermath. More than a dozen leading mental health practitioners, Catholic theologians, […]

Channeling the right path-to-care: Improving religious leaders’ knowledge and beliefs about suicide prevention in south west Nigeria

Background In African societies, the path-to-care that the ill and their relatives seek via consultation of traditional and religious healers is related to the concept of the causation, nature and origin of mental illness. There is a shortage of mental health personnel and facilities in Nigeria; hence, alternative healthcare providers such as Religious Leaders are […]

Suicide prevention competencies for faith leaders: Supporting life before, during, and after a suicidal crisis

This new resource, informed by faith community leaders and suicide prevention experts, aims to help equip faith leaders with the capabilities needed to prevent suicide and provide care and comfort for those affected by suicide.

Preventing suicide: A handbook for pastors, chaplains and pastoral counselors.

Many pastors, chaplains and pastoral counselors play a vital role as agents of hope to people who are struggling, but most of them feel overwhelmed and unprepared to prevent suicides. Informed by her work as a psychologist, Karen Mason’s guide to suicide prevention is an essential resource for proactive pastors.

Dealing With Suicide: the Needs of Clergy in Providing Pastoral Care

This report presents the results of a study commissioned to assess the specific needs of churches, religious bodies, & faith-based oganizations in relation to the suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland. Information is provided on the research methodology, quantitative findings, the clergy & their communities, causal explanations of suicide, theological views on suicide, the experience […]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Employee Assistance Program Response to Suicide (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s internal employee assistance program has a proactive approach to suicide prevention & response, including a standard of care & a suicide response protocol. Factors that contribute to the suicide of an agent include depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, frustration, firearms, & management response. Suicide in the Federal Bureau of Investigation is […]

Spirituality and Police Suicide: a Double-Edged Sword (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheeehan & J I Warren)

This chapter addresses the spiritual dimensions of police suicides. Spirituality is a two-edged sword: while it can be an asset in dealing with the problem, it also can be viewed as suspect. Both suicide & spirituality are emotionally charged issues, begging to be addressed in conjunction. This chapter explores the issues within the law enforcement […]

Take the Dimness of my Soul Away: Healing After a Loved One’s Suicide

In 1994, the author’s adult son died by suicide. This book is a collection of the sermons he preached on the subject – the first one three weeks after his son’s death & the final one, nine years later. The book chronicles Ritter’s difficult & life-changing healing process.

First Aid in Pastoral Care. X. Suicide Care

A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression


Christian-based Counseling for the Suicide Survivor: a Guide for Pastoral Therapy

Perceptions of Personnel on Police Suicide and the Role of a Chaplain

Do we Bury Suicides From the Church?: A Practical Paper

Spirituality and Suicide (IN: Death and Spirituality, ed. by J Doka and J D Morgan)

After a Suicide: Recommendations for Religious Services and Other Public Memorial Observances


Bereaved Parents’ use of Individual, Family, and Community Resources 4 to 60 Months After a Child’s Violent Death

The authors conducted a community-based sample of 261 parents bereaved by the violent deaths (i.e. accident, suicide, or homicide) of their 12- to 28-year old children. Parents were observed over time, & data were collected from several sources. The findings showed that of six individual, family, & community resources examined, none of the resources seemed […]

Treatment of Suicidal Patients

In these letters to the editor, the authors respond to an article by Hirschfeld & Russell on the treatment of suicidal patients (see SIEC #971063). Issues raised include: the failure to emphasize the importance of psychodynamic formulation & brief psychotherapy in suicidal crises; the biases of epidemiologic studies of suicide; pastoral care for those who […]

Book Review-Cergy Response to Suicidal Persons and Their Family Members, edited by D C Clark

The reviewer calls this book the collected wisdom of 20 prefessionals in medicine, mental health & pastoral care from a number of Judeo-Christian theological perspectives, presented in a concise, well organized text that focuses on a major social issue in a way that is both practical & challenging. Case studies are relevant to those with […]

When bad Things Happen to Good People

Kushner, a rabbi, wrote this book a few years after the death of his son. He wrote for people who still wanted to believe in God after being hurt by life but whose anger made it difficult for them to hold onto their faith & be comforted by religion. Some of the chapters in this […]

Meditations for Bereaved Parents


Emotional First-Aid Manual: a Practical Guide for Volunteers and Para-Professionals

This book is a manual for all caregivers, volunteers & paraprofessionals regarding front line intervention (emotional first aid). The book provides step-by-step procedures for dealing with the emotional emergencies of others & special situations such as suicide intervention. Frontline intervention issues of helping people under emotional duress & building relationships with people in crisis are […]

Report of the Study Team: Seven Suicides in the Atlantic Region: February 17 – August 25, 1983

This Study Team Report to the Commissioner of Corrections concerns 7 jail suicides in Atlantic Canada over a 6-month period. The team met with correctional services staff, inmates & inmate committees. The report examines the 7 cases, the role of chaplaincy services, a statistical analysis of federal jail suicides, management review reports & inmate services, […]

Book Review-Clergy Response to Suicidal Persons and Their Family Members, edited by D C Clark

This review outlines book content & notes it grew out of a series of conferences. Contributors include psychiatrists, theologians, psychologists, pastoral counsellors, rabbis, pastors, ethicists, & chaplains. The book, recommended as a “definate read,” takes a pragmatic approach in assisting clergy to deal with suicide. The liberal use of case materials vividly portrays the issues. […]