Parental suicide attempt and subsequent risk of pre-enlistment suicide attempt among male and female new soldiers in the U.S. Army

Objective Suicide and suicide attempts among U.S. Army soldiers are a significant concern for public health. This study examined the association of parental suicide attempt prior to age 13 of the soldier with subsequent risk of pre-enlistment suicide attempt. Method We conducted secondary analyses of survey data from new soldiers who participated in the Army […]

Encountering the body at the site of the suicide: A population-based survey in Sweden.

Encountering the body of a child who died by suicide at the site of death is believed to be especially harmful for bereaved parents. We investigated the association between encountering the body at the site of the suicide and psychological distress in 666 suicide-bereaved parents. Parents who had encountered their child’s body at the site […]

Incidence of suicide among persons who had a parent who died during their childhood: A population-based cohort study.

IMPORTANCE: Parental death from suicide is associated with increased risk of suicide in the bereaved child, but little is known about the long-term risks of suicide after parental death from other causes. A better understanding of this association may improve suicide prevention efforts. OBJECTIVE: To examine the long-term risks of suicide after parental death and […]

Parental death during childhood and depression in young adults: A national cohort study.

There are few prospective, population-based studies on childhood parental death and psychiatric disorders in adulthood, and previous findings are inconclusive. This study investigated the association between parental death from natural and external (suicides, accidents or homicides) causes before 18 years and the risk of clinical depression in young adults, in relation to age at loss […]

Childhood parental death and lifetime suicide attempt of the opposite-gender offspring in a nationwide community sample of Korea.

Although previous studies have shown that childhood parental death influences suicide attempts of their offspring, few studies have examined influence of gender and age at exposure. Koreans show the third highest suicide rate in the world, and many children and adolescents lost their parents during and after the Korean War.Childhood parental death is significantly associated […]