Poor treatment response in panic disorder patients with suicide attempts and the symptom network characteristics

Background. Panic disorder (PD) is associated with suicidality. Depression has been suggested as a link between PD and suicide; however, this remains controversial. Comprehensive research on the history of suicide attempt (SA) in patients with PD is scarce. We investigated the clinical characteristics of SA in patients with PD using PD-related assessments and network approaches. Methods. […]

Panic disorder and suicidal behavior: A follow-up study of patients treated with cognitive therapy and SSRIs in Hungary

Background: Previous research has suggested that patients with panic disorder but no comorbid disorder are not at greater risk for suicidal behavior. Aims: The present study followed up patients with panic disorder in order to assess the frequency of their suicidal behavior. Methods: A sample of 281 outpatients with panic disorder, but without a comorbid psychiatric disorder, was […]

Suicidal ideation in a sample of incarcerated men

This article examined the factors associated with thoughts of ending life in a sample of incarcerated men. Data were obtained from the Cancer Risk in Incarcerated Men Study, a pilot study designed to examine cancer health disparities and cancer health education in a racially/ethnically diverse sample of male smokers in three state prisons in the […]

The association between nocturnal panic attacks and suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts

Panic and sleep disturbances are established risk factors for suicide. Nocturnal panic attacks, which occur out of sleep, represent an intersection of these risk factors. Only one study to date has examined this relationship, but measured suicidality as a unitary construct. This represents a significant gap in the literature, considering most individuals who think about […]

Anxiety disorders and risk for suicide: why such controversy?


Complicated Grief and its Correlates in Patients With Bipolar Disorder

The authors conducted a survey with 120 patients with DSM-IV bipolar disorder participating in the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder in order to identify frequency of loss & to examine the presence of complicated grief & its clinical correlates. Complicated grief was associated with elevated rates of panic disorder & alcohol abuse comorbidity, […]

Asthma, Suicide Risk, and Psychiatric Comorbidity

This editorial reviews research by Kuo & colleagues (2010) on the association of a current history of asthma & an increased risk of subsequent suicide in high-school students in Taiwan. A limitation of the research is discussed as are other ways that asthma itself as well as comorbid anxiety & depression may increase subsequent suicide […]

Cigarette Smoking and Suicide Attempts in Psychiatric Outpatients in Hungary

334 Hungarian outpatients with DSM-IV diagnoses of unipolar major depression, bipolar I & II disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, & pure panic disorder were interviewed regarding their smoking habits & previous suicide attempts. With the exception of patients with panic disorder, the rate of prior suicide attempt(s) was much higher among current & lifetime smokers than […]

Suicidal Ideation in Parkinson’s Disease

This study assessed the frequency of suicide ideation & suicide attempts in 90 Brazilian patients with Parkinson’s disease. None of the patients had ever attempted suicide. According to the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, suicide ideation was present in 13 patients. All instruments assessed the risk of suicide in a similar way. Suicide ideation was associated […]

Preventing Suicide by Educating General Practitioners

An education program for general practitioners on treating patients with depressive disorders & panic disorders was implemented in one district in Hungary in 1998. A neighbouring district was used as a control. Although the educational program was followed by an increase in referrals for panic disorder in the target district, there was no impact on […]

Prevalence and Correlates of Binge Eating Disorder in a Community Sample

This study describes the prevalence & correlates of binge eating disorder as assessed by the Patient Health Questionnaire in a survey of 910 randomly ascertained participants. 60 individuals screened positive for current binge eating disorder with men as likely to screen positive as women. These subjects were at substantially elevated odds for depression, generalized anxiety […]

Panic Disorder and Suicide in Mie Prefecture, Japan

In this letter to the editor, the authors report on their study of the presence of panic disorder in suicide cases reported to the Mie Prefectural Police Headquarters from 1996-2002. 1979 male & 969 female suicides were reported. Among all victims, nine exhibited panic disorder (three males, six females). Six of the nine victims also […]

Suicide Science: Expanding the Boundaries

This edited book includes chapters on: suicide research; the hopelessness theory of sucide; a self-regulatory model of suicide; an integrated theory of suicidal behaviours; shame, guilt, & suicide; mood regulation & suicidal behaviour; looming vulnerability & suicide; suicide & panic disorder; suicide risk in externalizing syndromes; interpersonal factors in suicide; gender, social roles, & suicide […]

A Comparison of Alcohol-induced and Independent Depression in Alcoholics With Histories of Suicide Attempts

Genome-wide Linkage Scan in a Large Bipolar Disorder Sample From the National Institute of Mental Health Genetics Initiative Suggests Putative Loci for Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis, Suicide, and Panic Disorder

Suicidal Ideation in Emergency Department Chest Pain Patients: Panic Disorder a Risk Factor


Panic Disorder: Part 1: Tips on Early Identification

The author briefly reviews some basic concepts in the understanding of panic disorder, & outlines practical steps that can be incorporated into daily practice for diagnosing this condition. The increased risk for suicide among patients with panic disorder is highlighted. (61 refs)

Demystifying the Disease State: Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment Across the Bipolar Spectrum


The Correlation Between Suicide and Panic Disorder


Variations in the Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders and Social Problems Across Canadian Provinces


Suicide and Schizophrenia

This article first considers the epidemiology of suicide in schizophrenia, followed by a discussion of the demographic & clinical correlates of this behavior. The remainder of the article first discusses disorder-related aspects of suicidality in schizophrenia, then potential medication-related aspects of suicidality in schizophrenia &, finally, considers psychosocial issues which could be related to suicidality […]

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Panic Attacks

This case study details an adult female who suffered from severe panic attacks for a period of 10 years wherein numerous interventions failed to ameliorate her suffering. The patient had a history of suicidal ideation, though not of attempt. Her treatment using the Mastery of Your Anxiety & Panic protocol is documented, which resulted in […]

How to Reduce Suicide? (A Repeated Gotland Study in Hungary)

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad