Assessing the will to live: A scoping review

The will to live is an important factor to consider in the context of providing resource-oriented palliative care. Until now, there has been no major review of the existing research on this subject.
The primary objective of this study is to summarize the state of research concerning instruments that assess[…]

Suicidal ideation in the palliative care patient: Considerations for health care practice

For the clinician who works in a palliative health care setting, the suicidal ideation of palliative care patients is a challenge. How are patients with a life-limiting illness who wish to hasten their death, and who express this suicidal ideation, understood in the context of Palliative Care? The present article is a systematic literature review[…]

Developing organizational guidelines for the prevention and management of suicide in clients and carers receiving palliative care in Australia.

This article describes the process of developing a suicide guideline in palliative care. Little literature was available, but utilizing the partnership model, a working party consulted with each discipline regarding specific requirements. The working party experienced significant challenges in creating policy that would adequately cover the diverse needs of all members of the palliative care[…]

A terminal diagnosis: The carers’ perspective.

This qualitative study explored the views of spouse carers in relation to the emotional impact of caring for a partner with a chronic or terminal illness. Findings indicate that these carers experienced a whole range of feelings and emotions, which impacted on their health and well-being. They included fatigue, stress, distress, anxiety, depression, feelings of[…]

Causes of death among an urban homeless population considered by the medical examiner.

Those who are homeless face illness and death, however, live in places not conducive to provision of end-of-life care. Limited information exists on causes of death among this group of people. To characterize causes of death, data were requested from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Alberta Justice, Canada, for people determined to[…]

Doctors Must not Kill (IN: Euthanasia: the Good of the Patient, the Good of Society, ed. by R I Misbin)


A Physician’s Responsibility to Help a Patient die (IN: Euthanasia: the Good of the Patient, the Good of Society, ed. by R I Misbin)


A Better way to die

Decisions Near the end of Life

Doctor, I Want to die. Will you Help me?