Suicidality in the veterinary profession: Interview study of veterinarians with a history of suicidal ideation or behavior

Background: Suicide rates are elevated in the veterinary profession in several countries, yet little is known about possible contributory and preventive factors. Aims: To obtain information from veterinarians with  a history of suicidal ideation or behavior about the factors associated with suicidality in their profession. Methods: We conducted a mixed-methods interview study with 21 UK […]

Suicide among veterinarians in the United States from 1979 through 2015

OBJECTIVE To assess proportionate mortality ratios (PMRs) for suicide among male and female US veterinarians from 1979 through 2015. DESIGN PMR study. SAMPLE Death records for 11,620 veterinarians. PROCEDURES Information for veterinarians who died during 1979 through 2015 was obtained from AVMA obituary and life insurance databases and submitted to a centralized database of US death records to obtain […]

“I’ve been a long time leaving”: The role of limited skill transferability in increasing suicide-related cognitions and behavior in veterinarians.

Barriers to occupational mobility were investigated to determine whether they increased reported suicide-related cognitions and behavior over 12 months. This was explored in a two-wave longitudinal study. Intention to leave, depression, perceived skill transferability, and suicide-related cognitions and behavior was measured at both time points approximately 12 months apart. Results indicated that when there was a high […]

Suicidal behaviour and psychosocial problems in veterinary surgeons: a systematic review.

Purpose Rates of suicide are elevated among veterinary surgeons in several countries, yet little is known about contributory factors. We have conducted a systematic review of studies investigating suicidal behaviour and psychosocial problems in veterinary surgeons. Methods A systematic search of the international research literature was performed in May 2008. Data from 52 studies of […]

Systematic Review of the Prevalence of Suicide in Veterinary Surgeons

A systematic review was done of studies of rates & methods of suicide in the veterinary profession. Data from 19 studies were extracted by 2 independent reviewers & analysed. Between 0 & 43% of veterinary surgeon deaths were by suicide. In all but one of the 15 studies presenting risk of suicide in veterinary surgeons […]

Veterinary Surgeons and Suicide: a Structured Review of Possible Influences on Increased Risk

A computerised search of published literature on the suicide risk & influences on suicide among veterinarians, with comparison to the risk & influences in other occupational groups & in the general population, was used to develop a structured review. Veterinary surgeons have a proportional mortality ratio for suicide approximately 4 times that of the general […]

Mortality in Illinois Veterinarians

A study was conducted on 486 Illinois veterinarians who died between 1950 & 1973. The number of deaths was lower than expected among private practitioners, as compared with veterinarians in other specialty categories. Among the findings, for the year 1970, the number of suicides exceeded the expected value. (8 refs)

Suicide, Cancer, and Other Causes of Death Among California Veterinarians, 1960-1992

Standardized proportionate mortality ratios for 450 California veterinarians who died between 1960 & 1992 were calculated. In comparison to the California general population, white male veterinarians had significantly elevated mortality from skin cancer, rheumatic heart disease, & suicide. White female veterinarians had significantly elevated mortality from suicide. Significantly elevated mortality from suicide was also noted […]

Cancer and Other Causes of Death Among U.S. Veterinarians, 1966-1977

Causes of death among 1,551 white male veterinarians were compared to an expected distribution based on the general U.S. population. The proportion of deaths was significantly high for neoplasms. Mortality was relatively high for motor vehicle accidents, suicides & asthma. The study raised the possibility that specific occupational exposures may be carcinogenic. 43 Refs.

Mortality Among British Veterinary Surgeons

3,440 veterinary surgeons resident in Britain were followed up from 1949-53 until 1975. A roughly twofold increase in mortality from suicide was observed as was a decreased mortality from respiratory diseases. There was no excess of deaths from leukaemia or other cancers as recently reported from the U.S & as implied by the hypothesis that […]

Mortality Patterns Among US Veterinarians, 1947-1977: An Expanded Study