Tragedy at Beecher High

Is Inseki-jisatsu, Responsibility-driven Suicide, Culture-bound?


On Being Happy That Someone has Committed Suicide (Letter to the Editors)

Crisis Intervention After the Suicide of a Teacher

This article describes an intervention occurring after the suicide of an elementary school teacher. The intervention included a meeting with faculty, classroom discussions with the students most directly affected, and the availability of the school psychologist for individual meetings. The authors argue that such a broad, multifaceted response contributes to the healing process and serves […]

Suicide Patterns Among Physicians Related to Other Academics as Well as to the General Population: Results From a National Long-Term Prospective Study and a Retrospective Study

A national cohort of physicians, academics, & the Swedish general population were followed for a 10-year period. All cases of suicide during 1961-1970 were identified. A retrospective study of suicide among the four major medical specialties (general practitioners, internists, psychiatrists, & general surgeons) was conducted & results were compared with other medical specialists. Results show […]

Death of a Teacher