Suicide in athletes: a review and commentary

Not only are athletes at risk for psychiatric illness, but they are at risk of suicide. In an effort to learn more about suicide in athletes and those connected to the sports arena, a review of the medical literature from 1960 to 2000 was conducted through Medline, and a review of the periodical literature from […]

Increased premature mortality of competitive powerlifters suspected to have used anabolic steroids

Misuse of supraphysiological doses of anabolic steroids is claimed to have serious side effects. The aim of the study was to determine the mortality, and the cause of premature deaths among a group of subjects who are strongly suspected to have used anabolic steroids for a non-medical purpose over several years. The mortality of 62 […]

Cricketers and Mental Health Concerns

This paper examined cricket history in order to illustrate some of the mental health issues present in Australia over the years. Mood disorders, suicide, & drug & alcohol issues are among the problems that have beset top level cricketers. A range of factors have contributed to the psychiatric problems in this population. Educating players may […]

Real men do cry: a Quarterback’s Inspiring Story of Tackling Depression and Surviving Suicide Loss (Revised Edition)

The author, formerly a quarterback in the National Football League, lost his 15-year-old son to suicide. In this book, Hipple discusses not only his grief journey but also his struggle with and recovery from depression.

Birth Month and Suicide Among Major League Baseball Players

The authors examined the association between month of birth & completed suicide among 76 major league baseball players. More than twice as many players born in August died by suicide than any other birth month. This association was statistically significant when birth month was corrected for differences in days of the month. The differences were […]

Which Thoughts can Kill a Boxer? Naive Theories About Cognitive and Emotional Antecedents of Suicide


Nobody saw it Coming

This article reports the story of Tito Lee, a 19-year-old Nashville football prodigy, who died suddenly of suicide.

Cracking up: What Makes top Athletes Self-Destruct?

This article investigates the phenomena of major depression & attempted suicide in top female athletes. Pressure to win, anxiety issues, & the extreme highs & lows associated with competitive sports are discussed. Particular stresses faced by female athletes are also explored.

An end too Soon: Dartmouth Grieved Over the Suicide of Sarah Devens, a Rare Athlete and Friend

This article relates the life story of Sarah Devens, a college athlete who competed in 3 sports. Although very successful, Devens did not seem to enjoy this success. She wanted to quit one of the sports but believed that she could not as it would let other people down if she did. Devens completed suicide […]

A Dangerous Trade

This brief article is about the suicide of Allen Caldwell, a corporate events planner. Caldwell had a contract to provide tickets to the Masters golf tournament for a tour company. He was unable to secure the tickets at the price he had promised & could have filled the order only by taking a huge financial […]

Who Pushed Martin Kruze? Many Share Blame for the Suicide of a Victim of Sexual Molestation at Maple Leaf Gardens

This article provides a brief biography of Martin Kruze who had been sexually abused over a period of 7 years by two employees of Maple Leaf Gardens. One of the men who abused Kruze & numerous other victims was sentenced to only two years in prison. Kruze jumped to his death three days after sentence […]

Tragedy in Texas

This biography briefly discusses the life of Katrina Price, an American all-star basketball player. Price apparently had been worried about being able to find a spot on the roster of a Women’s National Basketball Association team. It is not known if this concern contributed to her suicide.

The Nightmare of Steroids

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Holy Cross Coach Suicide Highlights Athletic Pressures: Catholic College Sports Viewed as Fluctuating

In this brief article, the suicide of a U.S. college football coach is used to illustrate the high-pressure behind the scenes in the world of Catholic college sports. (LH)