Suicides Among Seafarers in UK Merchant Shipping, 1919-2005

This study established the causes, rates, & trends in suicides at work among seafarers in British merchant shipping from 1919-2005, & compared suicide rates with the general United Kingdom population, & with seafarers employed in non-United Kingdom shipping. The suicide rate in British shipping fell from 40-50 per 100,000 in the 1920s to less than […]

Suicides Among Polish Seamen and Fishermen During Work at sea

Retrospective data on 51 suicides of Polish seamen & fishermen in the years 1960-1999 during work at sea are presented. The impact of age, rank, & the period of service upon the incidence of these suicides is analysed. Circumstances typical of the marine environment, sources of stress, & individual susceptibility related to the act of […]

Traumatic Work Related Mortality Among Seafarers Employed in British Merchant Shipping, 1976-2002

An Analysis of the Causes of Mortality Among Seafarers in the British Merchant Fleet (1986-1995) and Recommendations for Their Reduction

This study was designed to establish the manner & causes of all fatalities among seafarers who were serving in British merchant shipping between 1 January 1986 & 31 December 1995. There was a total of 252 fatalities in British merchant shipping during the study period. 12 fatalities were determined to have been suicides (4.8%) & […]

Occupational Mortality Among Merchant Seafarers in the British, Singapore and Hong Kong Fleets (1981-1995)

The manner & causes of lives lost among seafarers in the British, Singapore, & Hong Kong fleets, during the period 1981-1995 were identified. In the British fleet, the rate of suicide & disappearances at sea was 1.0 per 10,000 seafarer-years. In the Singapore fleet, this rate was 1.9 per 10,000 seafarer years & it was […]

Occupational Mortality Among British Merchant Seafarers: a Comparison Between British and Foreign Fleets (1986-1995)

Using information obtained from files at the Registrar General for Shipping, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, & many Coroners, the evidence indicates that seafarers employed in foreign vessels during the study period 1986-1995 were at greater risk of mortality through work-related accidents. When compared with their counterparts in the British fleet, they also died more […]

Working it out: the Challenge of Change From Within. A Needs Assessment for Community Self-Help

In July 1992 the government of Canada announced a moratorium on northern cod fishing. The main objectives of this project were to: 1) gather information about the effects, e.g. depression & suicidal behaviour, of the moratorium through community surveys; 2) to return this information to the communities; & 3) to provide a tool which communities […]

Risk of Fatal Accidents Occurring Other Than at sea Among Icelandic Seamen

The risk of fatal accidents at sea for seamen has been previously documented. The authors now report on mortality rates among Icelandic fishermen, particularly from fatal accidents that occurred other than at sea. An excess of deaths was observed for all external causes of death including suicide. Compared to seamen who started working during 1968-77, […]