Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: an Operations Manual for the Prevention of Traumatic Stress Among Emergency Services and Disaster Workers (Second Edition, Revised)


Critical Incident Stress Management

Suggestions are provided for dealing with critical incident stress management. The objective of the suggestions is to reduce the impact of psychological trauma on Search and Rescue personnel. There are two sections: 1) suggestions for helping victims cope with their stress; & 2) suggestions for Search and Rescue Personnel.

Critical incident stress debriefing: Training document

The purpose of these training materials is to create awareness & understanding of critical incident stress, how it manifests itself in psychological, emotional & physical symptoms, & what can be done to combat the effects of exposure to traumatic stimuli. The book is divided into 7 sections covering critical incident stress intervention/management, stressors, the effects […]

Disaster-Induced Trauma in Rescue Workers

This article describes 3 recent disaster situations, including the mass suicide in Jonestown, in which stress manifestations were noted & organizational responses to deal with the consequences were implemented. The experiences of these agencies suggests more careful consideration of organizationally induced role conflict. Programs that provide for prevention of stress manifestation through early detection and […]