Understanding mental disorders: Your guide to DSM-5.


Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders(5th. ed.).


Psychiatric Disorder and the Role of Occupational Health

This editorial discusses the case of Dr. Daksha Emson, a junior psychiatrist who took her own life & that of her 3-month-old daughter. The role of occupational health services was severely criticized during an independent inquiry which raised several questions about the purpose & functioning of such services. (3 refs.)

Suicide in Psychiatrists


Characteristics of Female Psychiatrists

This study assessed differences between female psychiatrists & other physicians by using data taken from the U.S. national Women Physicians’ Health Study conducted in 1993-1994. Psychiatrists were found to be older, in poorer health, less likely to be married, more likely to be current or ex-smokers, & more likely to be politically liberal than were […]

Ask My Patients to Forgive Me…. (IN: Sudden Endings, by M J Meaker)


NHS Criticised Over Suicide of Mentally ill Doctor

Please see SIEC #2005-2055 for the report this article refers to.

Report of an Independent Inquiry Into the Care and Treatment of Daksha Emson M.B.B.S., MRCPsych, MSc. and Her Daughter Freya


Women in Australian and New Zealand Psychiatry: the Fat Lady Sings

This article analyzes gender disadvantages for female physicians. The authors include a section on depression & suicide. They outline the studies on female doctors & suicide, & point out the bias towards blaming women instead of blaming the medical system. Systemic problems are identified within the institutions of medicine & psychiatry which compromise the development […]

Suicide Among Psychologists and a Proposal for the American Psychological Association

The response of the American Medical Association & of the American Psychiatric Association to suicide among its members is contrasted with the response of the American Psychological Association. It is suggested that an association should be concerned with suicide among its members & two proposals for the study of suicide among psychologists are suggested. (11 […]

The Suicidal Professions

A brief article about suicide among dentists, physicians, & psychiatrists. One factor suggested for the increased rate of suicide is the practitioner’s inability to meet the role expectations both he & society expect him to fill. (NBB)

Suicide in Doctors

The author reviews current research to determine whether or not those who choose medicine for a career have an increased risk of suicide. Separate sections deal with suicide in medical students, physicians, doctors’s wives, female physicians, psychiatric residents, & psychiatrists. 44 ref. (NBB)

Suicide Among Psychotherapists: Review and Discussion

Comments on an article by C. Turkington (1984) that chronicles the psychology profession’s attempts to provide assistance to psychologists suffering emotional distress. A review of the literature reveals the critical need for further research concerning the incidence and cause of suicide among psychotherapists. It is concluded that studies examining the rate of suicide among those […]

Child Psychiatry Perspective: The Emotionally Disturbed Child Psychiatry Trainee

All the child psychiatry programs in the United States were surveyed. Basic demographic data & information concerning problem trainees were obtained for virtually all of the fellows during the academic year 1980-81. 8% of the fellows were judged by their training directors to have significant emotional disturbance & another 7% were judged to have experienced […]

Suicide by Psychiatrists: A Study of Medical Specialists Among 18,730 Consecutive Physician Deaths During a Five Year Period, 1967-72

The rate of 953 suicides by psychiatrists out of 18730 physician deaths over a 5-yr period indicates that psychiatrists suicide regularly, year-by-year, at rates about twice those expected; these differences are signicant.

Psychiatric Disorders Among Professional Women

Psychiatrists who Kill Themselves: a Study in Suicide

In this abridged version of a paper, the author cites data from the obituary column of the Journal of American Medical Association to substantiate the high rate of suicide among psychiatrists. The article stresses the incompleteness of the data. Methodology & causative hypotheses are suggested. A concluding warning cautions that required personal psychoanalysis for young […]

The Suicide Rate Among Psychiatrists Revisited

A review of the literature on the suicide rate among psychiatrists & other doctors focused on statistical & methodological problems. Common problems included small research sampling; inappropriate comparisons; lack of controls for age, sex or other relevant factors; interpolating rates from a level per 10000 to a level per 100000; & inclusion of a number […]