Feeling the Heat


The Vincent Foster “Suicide Note”: did Strategic Enterprises’ Purported Experts Prove it Forged?


Patriot’s Reward (IN: Sudden Endings, by M J Meaker)

The Tragic Death of Meriwether Lewis

This article examines the circumstances of Meriwether Lewis’ death by suicide in 1809. Although some have claimed that he actually died by homicide, the author argues that this account only became popular in the folklore surrounding Lewis 80 years after his death, & determines that there is no substantial evidence to support the claim. Lewis’ […]

John Eliot, Second Governor of British West Florida

The author attempts to shed light on the life of John Eliot, the second British Governor of West Florida, whose seemingly sudden death by suicide in 1769 has remained something of an historical mystery.

Can a Political Leader Commit Suicide: A Psychological Autopsy of a Former Prime Minister From France

This proceeding is a biography of Pierre Beregovoy, a former French prime minister who died by suicide. A description of his professional difficulties, such as losing the federal election in 1993, is included. A risk factors scale is applied to his case & a discussion of suicide among politicians is presented. Underestimating suicidal ideation in […]

Suicide and Scandal: A Death in New York

This brief news article discusses events leading up to the suicide of a prominent New York politician who was thought to be implicated in a major city corruption scandal. (LH)