Suicide Among Eminent Artists

Risk of suicide among elite artists was evaluated using data from Garzantiƕs Encyclopaedia. Artists were categorized as architects, painters, sculptors, writers, poets, & playwrights. Only deaths which occurred in the 1800s or 1900s were included. A total of 59 suicides were observed in the sample of 3,093 artists who died. The comparison by profession shows […]

Eugene O’Neill

Case study of Eugene O’Neill, American Playwright. Overview of childhood events, life issues such as alcohol abuse, and finally his suicide.

Why did August Strindberg not Kill Himself?

The playwright, August Stindberg spent the years 1894-1896 in a self-described “Inferno” when he believed himself literally in hell. He was a man with prior suicidal tendencies, he developed delusions pointing to the definite possibility of suicide by 1896. Scholars tend to credit his adoption of some of Swedenborg’s ideas as instrumental in his recovery. […]

Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell

This article documents the life of playwright, Joe Orton, & his lover, Kenneth Halliwell. Each of their difficult childhoods is detailed. When they met, they were both poor, struggling actors; however, as Joe became a successful writer, Ken felt jealous & believed he was a failure. In 1967, Ken beat Joe to death & then […]