Doctors, suicide and mental illness.

his article focuses on doctors and suicide. It provides real examples to illustrate why
doctors die by their own hand. These reasons are replicated in the general
population, but also include a host of additional risk factors related to being a doctor.
In each case, information about the doctor is in the[…]

Can arts and communication programs improve physicianwellness and mitigate physician suicide?

The suicide rate for physicians is higher than that of any other professionÑin the past year,more than 400 physicians have committed suicide.1,2 Physicians have a far higher suicide completion rate than does the general public; the most reliable estimates range from 1.4 to 2.3 times the rate in the general population, perhaps, in part, because[…]

Mortality of Doctors in Taiwan

This study evaluated the survival data of all Taiwanese doctors & ascertained whether doctors experience premature mortality. Death & census data from 1990-2006 were obtained for all practicing doctors in Taiwan. Cause-specific standardized mortality ratios were calculated using the general population of Taiwan as the reference. Doctors in Taiwan were found to be less likely[…]

Physician Suicide in Taiwan, 2000-2008: Preliminary Findings

Using national physician insurance data from January 2000-April 2008, this study explored the association between physicians’ suicide & their characteristics. The majority of suicide cases occurred among physicians in their 40s. More suicides were reported among physicians serving in the community, living in urban areas, & from specialties such as general practice, family practice, psychiatry,[…]

Our Fallen Peers: a Mandate for Change

Following a cluster of medical student & physician suicides in one medical community, medical trainees anonymously shared their views regarding seeking mental health treatment in light of current disclosure requirements for medical licensure. In an effort to identify medical licensure questions that more accurately assess for potential impairment – replacing the stigmatizing global inquiry about[…]

Teaching Residents and Program Directors About Physician Impairment

Residents are at a higher risk than the general population for the development of stress-related problems, depression, or suicide. The authors describe a curriculum for educating residents & program directors about physician impairment. A resident wellness program was established with the goals of preventing suicide, encouraging acceptance of treatment when appropriate, preventing self-prescribing, & aiding[…]

Mortality Among Male Anaesthetists in the United Kingdom, 1957-83

A cohort of 3769 male anaesthetists resident in the United Kingdom between 1957-1983 was followed up for a total of 51,431 person years of observation. With all men in social class I being taken as the standard, the standardised mortality ratio among anaesthetists for all causes of death was 68. 16 of the 221 deaths[…]

Stress and Burnout Among Surgeons: Understanding and Managing the Syndrome and Avoiding the Adverse Consequences


Application of an Interpersonal Psychological Model of Suicidal Behavior to Physicians and Medical Trainees


Suicidal Behaviour in Some Human Service Occupations With Special Emphasis on Physicians and Police. a Nationwide Study