Suicide and Open Verdict Deaths Among Males in the UK Regular Armed Forces: Comparison With the UK Civilian Population and the US Military

This paper examines the number of suicide & open verdict deaths in the UK regular Armed Forces between the years 1984 & 2002 & makes comparisons over a 10-year period (1992-2002) with the civilian population of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, & the United States Military. (19 refs)

Occupation and Suicide Among Males in the US Armed Forces

Information from the Department of Defense was used to describe the occupational risk among US military men. Occupations related to the use of or access to firearms were associated with a significant risk of suicide when compared to other military occupations. Collectively, military security & law enforcement specialists had a significant occupational rate ratio. This […]

A Matter of Honor/Beneath the Waves

After being challenged about the legitimacy of medals he had worn, Admiral Jeremy (Mike) Boorda committed suicide. This article examines the factors that may have precipitated his death. A second report details the way in which Newsweek handled the allegations that led to the admiral’s suicide & reports on what this case tells the public […]

Suicide Behaviour Trends in Canadian Forces Training System 1980-1986 (CFTS CPSO Report 2/88)

This study is an exploratory trend analysis of suicides & attempted suicides from 1980-1987 in the Canadian Forces Training System. 93 suicide attempts & 3 completions were studied. A composite sketch showed that attempters were most likely to be male anglophone recruits under the age of 24, single & having no dependents. However, 30% of […]

Imitative Suicide in a Cohesive Organization: Observations From a Case Study

3 suicides occurred within 3 years in a military unit of 35 individuals. Group & individual therapy was conducted over 3 days & ongoing referrals were made as necessary. In addition, measures of anxiety, depression, & hostility were obtained from this unit & a comparison unit. Analysis indicated that differences in mean scores between the […]

Suicides Among Male Finnish Seafarers

On analysing death registers of Finnish seafarers, 117 cases of suicide were found among active professional males in the years 1965-77. The suicide rate of the officers was similar to that of occupationally active males in the general population, while the suicide rate of the crew was 2.5 times higher. Many of the men who […]

Suicide in United States Army Personnel, 1979-1980

Compiled a 3rd biennium of data on suicide in the US Army. The annual crude suicide rate per 100000 soldiers-at-risk for 1979-80 was found to be 11.6, a drop of 3.2 points from 1977-8. Demographic data & information on circumstance surrounding the suicide were also made available. Analysis of the victim’s psychosocial situation showed remarkable […]