Suicide among the emergency medical systems occupation in the United States

Introduction Suicide claimed 47,173 lives in 2017 and is the second leading cause of death for individuals 15–34 years old. In 2017, rates of suicide in the United States (US) were double the rates of homicide. Despite significant research funding toward suicide prevention, rates of suicide have increased 38% from 2009 to 2017. Recent data […]

A Colleague’s Suicide


Prevalence of Reported Suicidal Behaviour in the General Population and Mental Health-Care Staff

Identical questions about suicide were addressed to a random sample of the general population & to mental health-care staff in Stockholm. Life weariness among the latter was also investigated. Age- & sex-standardized past year prevalences of suicidal thoughts & suicide attempts were found to be similar among mental health-care staff & the general population. Lifetime […]

Suicide and Occupation

This fact sheet provides a list of male & female occupations in England & Wales with the highest proportional mortality ratios from suicide together with the number of suicides in each group. Statistics are provided for 1982-1987 & 1988-1992. Among males, age 16-64, the highest proportional mortality ratio was among vets. Among females, government inspectors […]

Health Care Occupations and Suicide in Sweden 1961-1985

The sex & age standardized incidence rates of suicide & undetermined deaths in Sweden were described for 5 groups of health care professionals. Among men, all the occupations except registered nurses, showed increasing suicide rates from 1960. Among women, high rates were found among physicians & dentists, but not for psychiatric attendants & auxiliary nurses. […]

Inequalities in Health Within the Health Sector

Mortality among males employed in the health sector was examined using data surrounding the 1971 & 1981 censuses to assess the differences between social classes in the health services & to study changes over a decade. Results showed that the proportion of suicides was high in most health occupational groups in the 1980s. Over the […]

On Status Intergration and Suicide Rates in Tulsa

Authors express doubt as to the applicability of the theory of status integration to the Tulsa data published by E. Powell (American Sociological Review, v.23, 1958, p.131-139), particularly as to how the original occupations have been classified, the “rho” association between the categories & “how in what way the original authors’ observations constitute an explanation […]