Not Without Warning

This article outlines risk factors for suicide & notes how the population group most likely to die by suicide mirrors the population of firefighters. Warning signs of suicide & prevention strategies are reviewed. Postvention is discussed as are groups to support firefighters bereaved by suicide.

Mortality of a Municipal-Worker Cohort: IV. Fire Fighters

Morbidity & mortality studies of fire fighters have produced varied & inconsistent findings regarding the potential chronic effects of fire fighting including respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, & cancer. In a cohort study, firefighters were found to have significantly lower than expected mortality for all external causes (SMR=67) & in particular for suicide (SMR=21) & respiratory […]

Mortality Among Boston Firefighters, 1915-1975

Mortality experience from 1915-1975 is examined in 5655 Boston firefighters to examine patterns for cardiovascular, respiratory & malignant diseases. The investigation showed a low suicide rate, an increased risk of accidental death, & no evidence of an increased number of deaths from cardiovascular disease or malignancy. There does not appear to be a strong association […]