Some Thoughts on Suicide Among Executives

This presentation discussed the prevalence of suicide & attempted suicide by men & women in managerial, professional, & executive positions; examined trends in these data; identified variables which enhanced risk of self-abuse; suggested ways of counselling these individuals; offered illustrative case studies; & concluded with a short bibliography of relevant literature.

Tough Calls


A Personal Story: Four Lucky Things (IN: Suicide Prevention in Georgia: Healing and Hope)


The Little Swordsman (IN: Sudden Endings, by M J Meaker)


Ivar Kreuger

This article is a biography of Ivar Kreuger, a swedish man who created a large fortune in construction & died by suicide when he lost his fortune during the Depression. Details of his life, counterfeit currency circulation & suicide are included. (1 ref) (SC)

President’s Suicide Attempt Shakes Colleagues at Coe College

A Lonely Death in Texas

This article is about an executive’s suicide. The author discusses the victim’s company position, his spiritual and family life, the last hours of his life, and the company’s future plans, which appeared to contribute to his decision. The article also points out the rare suicide method of stabbing, a method used by less than two […]

Fall From Power: Suicide of an Executive

An influential corporate executive apparently killed himself & 2 others when faced with public exposure & perhaps imprisonment for illegal use of his corporate position to raise money for political & charitable causes he favoured. Because an extensive psychological autopsy enabled a detailed description of this case, it is presented with the aim of shedding […]

A Voice of Death (IN: Suicidology: Essays in Honor of Edwin S. Shneidman, edited by A A Leenaars)

This chapter is a case study of someone who left his final thoughts – before committing suicide – on videotape. This case report is based on interviews with people who knew him and with a review of various documents, including his school, army, business, and medical records. (7 refs.)

Occupational Status and Suicide: A Relationship Reexamined (Research Note)

Analyzed data on the suicides committed in Detroit from 1970 to 1975 with respect to the U.S. Bureau of the Census occupational classification system. Despite some departures, results strongly support the economic theory of suicide, which (contrary to E. Durkheim’s popular theory) predicts an inverse relationship between occupational status and suicide. The poor’s high suicide […]