Estimating the Risk for Suicide Following the Suicide Deaths of 3 Asian Entertainment Celebrities: a Meta-Analytic Approach

This study aimed to estimate the risk for suicide after the suicide deaths of 3 entertainment celebrities in Asia during the first 4 weeks after the celebrity suicide & on a weekly basis. An ecological, retrospective time-series analysis & a meta-analysis of suicide deaths in Hong Kong (2001-2003), Taiwan & South Korea (both from 2003-2005), […]

Death in Hollywood: any Relation Between Self Worth and Mortality is Uncertain


You’ll See, Mr. Atkinson (IN: Sudden Endings, by M J Meaker)


The Lost Prinze of Comedy

This article is on Freddie Prinze, a comedian, who committed suicide at age 22. Prinze became very successful very quickly but he had many personal problems including drug & alcohol abuse, an impending divorce & separation from his 10-month-old son.