The Australian building and construction industry blueprint for better mental health and suicide prevention 2018-2020

The Australian Building and Construction industry has recognised for over 10 years that the industry experiences significantly higher rates of suicide and mental health issues amongst our workers when compared to the general population. In response to this, the industry has stepped forward and developed programs and support mechanisms that are genuinely innovative and see the Australian[…]

Mates in construction suicide prevention program: A five-year review.

‘Mates in Construction’ (MATES) is a large-scale multi-component suicide prevention program for construction workers, initiated in Queensland in February 2008, and now disseminated to three additional Australian states. MATES uses on-site universal psychoeducation to encourage help-seeking and early intervention through ‘Connectors’ trained in suicide first aid and supported by outreach, case management, a 24-hour telephone response line, and online[…]

MATES in construction: Impact of a multimodal, community-based program for suicide prevention in the construction industry.

A large-scale workplace-based suicide prevention and early intervention program was delivered to over 9,000 construction workers on building sites across Queensland. Intervention components included universal General Awareness Training (GAT; general mental health with a focus on suicide prevention); gatekeeper training provided to construction worker volunteer ÔConnectorsÕ; Suicide First Aid (ASIST) training offered to key workers;[…]

Correlates of Suicide in Building Industry Workers

The incidence & causes of suicide in the construction industry in Queensland were examined using psychological autopsy & focus group investigations. A total of 64 male suicides occurred over a 7-year period, representing a crude suicide rate of 40.3 per 100,000, significantly greater than the working age Australian male rate. Young employess were at excessive[…]

Suicide Mortality Among Electricians

Time Trends in Mortality in Forestry and Construction Workers in Finland 1970-85 and Impact of Adjustment for Socioeconomic Variables

This study aimed firstly to describe the development of cause specific mortality in forestry workers, farmer/forestry workers, and skilled and semiskilled construction workers between 1970 and 1985 in Finland. The second aim was to evaluate how well the cause-specific mortality differences between the occupations could be explained by differences between the differences in socioeconomic status,[…]

The Incidence of Disability Pensions and Mortality Among Semi-Skilled Construction Workers in Copenhagen

Authors compare large samples of 3 different occupational groups, construction, warehouse, and semi-skilled for incidence of disabling conditions. Construction workers suffered a higher incidence of orthopedic disability. Suicide was slightly and non-significantly higher among construction workers. (JS)