Nursing interventions of choice for the prevention and treatment of suicidal behaviour: The umbrella review protocol

Aim: To determine which interventions, from a nursing perspective, can be considered as the interventions of choice for the prevention and treatment of suicidal behaviour. In this way, the umbrella review attempts to identify nursing interventions from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) taxonomy with evidence for this purpose. Design: Descriptive study protocol. Methods: This umbrella review will consist[…]

The perspectives of adults with suicidal ideation and behaviour regarding their interactions with nurses in mental health and emergency services: A systematic review

In contemporary healthcare, both community and inpatient mental health and emergency services are important help-seeking avenues for persons with suicidal ideation and behaviour. Regarding nursing practice in these services, there is a strong focus on assessing and managing suicide risk. Within this clinical context, the perspectives of persons with suicidal ideation and behaviour[…]

Contact and communication with patients experiencing suicidal ideation: A qualitative study of nurses’ perspectives

To uncover and understand the core elements of how nurses in psychiatric hospitals make contact with patients experiencing suicidal ideation.
A qualitative study based on the principles of grounded theory was performed.
Nineteen nurses on wards of four psychiatric hospitals were interviewed between May 2017 – February[…]

Caring for the suicidal person: A Delphi study of what characterizes a recovery-oriented caring approach

More research is needed for supporting mental health nurses in their caring for suicidal individuals. This study aimed to describe what characterizes a recovery-oriented caring approach, and how this can be expressed through caring acts involving suicidal patients and their relatives. Delphi methodology was used, and research participants were recruited as experts by experience to[…]

The meaning of suicidal behaviour from the perspective of senior nursing undergraduate students.

The meaning ascribed to suicidal behaviours may influence the quality of the care provided to people at risk of suicide. Such a phenomenon has yet to be properly investigated amongst nursing undergraduate students, the aim of this study being to gain an understanding of the meanings of suicidal behaviour for a particular group of nurses. The[…]

The Relationship Between Suicide Attempt and Self-Care Agency

This research examined the relationship between suicide attempts & self-care agency in individuals who did not present with any mental problems, depression or psychiatric diagnosis, using a case comparison group. The framework of the study consisted of 33 hospitalised individuals & 33 people accoompanying them. The sample group included 31 cases & a control group[…]

How do I Respond to a Chronically ill Patient Who’s Suicidal?

A question is posed about how to care for a 35-year-old homeless man with end-stage AIDS who has expressed suicide ideation. The respondent provides suggestions such as referrals to support services, assessment of the patient for depression & level of suicide risk, interventions such as a safety screening of his room, & further psychological assessment.[…]

Care of the Suicidal Person

This book is based on a 3-year qualitative study that investigated how psychiatric nurses provided care for suicidal people. Drawing on service user data, this book contains & explains an evidence-based theory of how to care for suicidal people. In addition to tracing the role of nurses, the authors use their findings to launch into[…]

Development and Evaluation of a Guideline for Nursing Care of Suicidal Patients With Schizophrenia

This study developed & tested an evidence-based guideline that would support nursing care for suicidal patients with schizophrenia. A systematic review of the literature & expert consultation preceded completion of the guideline. 21 nurses from 2 mental health institutions in The Netherlands tested the guideline for feasibility in nursing practice. The guideline was found to[…]

Homelessness and Suicide

This briefing paper on homelessness & suicide highlights some of the key risk factors, interventions, & resources available for nurses & other health care professionals working in the community. (9 refs.)