Suicide attempts and stressful life events among female victims of intimate partner violence living in poverty in Nicaragua.

This article describes a study of 136 female intimate partner violence victims living in poverty in Nicaragua. The paper aimed to analyze the relationship between experiencing stressful life events (SLE) and perceived social support with suicide attempts, and to evaluate the differences in the SLE experienced by female suicide attempters versus non-attempters. The results showed […]

Suicidal expressions among young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia: A cross- cultural study.

Background Whereas prevalence of suicidal expressions among young people is fairly similar in different countries, less is known about associated risk factors. This study compares young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia to examine if the pattern of association between mental health problems and suicidal expressions differs. Methods 368 and 316 secondary school students, from each […]

Suicidal Expressions Among Young People in Nicaragua: a Community-Based Study

This study investigated self-reported life-weariness, death wishes, suicide ideation, suicidal plans, & suicide attempts among young Nicaraguans & identified factors associated with suicidal expressions. 278 individuals were interviewed. The overall 1-year prevalence of any suicidal expression was 44.8% among males & 47.4% among females. A suicide attempt in the past year was reported by 2.1% […]

Suicide Intent Among Parasuicide Patients in Nicaragua: a Surveillance and Follow-Up Study

This study examined suicide intent among parasuicide patients in Nicaragua with special reference to gender patterns & future suicidal behaviour. Using the Suicide Intent Scale, suicide intent was assessed in 204 people. Repetition was checked after a mean follow-up period of 3 years. A higher Suicide Intent Scale score among women was significantly associated with […]

Parasuicide in a Low-Income Country: Results From Three-Year Hospital Surveillance in Nicaragua

All hospital-admitted parasuicide cases in the area of Le¬ón, Nicaragua were assessed over a three-year period using standardized instruments. 233 parasuicide cases were identified giving a parasuicide rate of 66.3/100,000 inhabitants per year based on the population 10 years & older. A majority of cases involved females who were significantly younger than the males. The […]