Longitudinal effects of physical and social neighbourhood change on suicide mortality: A full population cohort study among movers and non-movers in the Netherlands

Associations between the residential neighbourhood environment and suicide mortality are well-established; however, most evidence is cross-sectional and not capable of incorporating place-based and residential moving-related neighbourhood changes. We studied how suicide mortality is associated with changes in the physical and social neighbourhood environment for movers and non-movers. Our retrospective analysis was based on longitudinal register data for […]

Do Dutch news reports about suicide refer to suicide prevention strategies?

Background: Previous research and media guidelines suggest two potential protective characteristics of news reports about suicide: (1) individuals who adopt coping strategies other than suicidal behavior are described and (2) information about resources for support is provided. Aims: Our aim was to investigate the extent to which Dutch news reports contain these two potential protective characteristics. Method: A random selection […]

Suicide prevention gatekeeper training in the Netherlands improves gatekeepers’ knowledge of suicide prevention and their confidence to discuss suicidality, an observational study.

Background The gatekeeper training is designed to help identify suicidal individuals, respond to suicidal ideation and refer to help. The internationally widely used training shows promising results. This is the first study presenting its effectiveness in the Netherlands and the first study investigating the effect in different employment sectors. Methods In an observational study, 113 […]

Poor guideline adherence in the initiation of antidepressant treatment in children and adolescents in the Netherlands: Choice of antidepressant and dose.

The Dutch guideline for the treatment of depression in young people recommends initiating antidepressant treatment with fluoxetine, as the evidence for its efficacy is strongest and the risk of suicidality may be lower than with other antidepressants. Furthermore, low starting doses are recommended. We aimed to determine whether antidepressant prescriptions are in accord with guidelines. […]

Trajectories of suicidal ideation in people seeking web-based help for suicidality:Secondary analysis of a Dutch randomized controlled trial.

Suicidal ideation (SI) is a common mental health problem. Variability in intensity of SI over time has been linked to suicidal behavior, yet little is known about the temporal course of SI. The primary aim was to identify prototypical trajectories of SI in the general population and, secondarily, to examine whether receiving Web-based self-help for […]

Victimization and suicidality among Dutch lesbian, gay and bisexual youths.


Factors associated with outcome of cognitive-behavioural therapy for complicated grief: a preliminary study.

Complicated grief (CG), also called prolonged grief disorder, is a debilitating condition that can develop following a loss. There is growing evidence that cognitiveÐbehavioural interventions are efficacious in the treatment of CG

Familial risk of early suicide: Variations by age and sex of children and parents.

To determine familial risk of early suicide, data on cause of death of all Dutch residents aged 20Ð55 years who died between 1995 and 2001 were linked to data of their parents. Men whose father died by suicide had a higher odds of suicide themselves, relative to men whose father died of other causes (Odds […]

Publication trends in newspapers and scientific journals for SSRIs and suicidality: a systematic longitudinal study.


Development and Evaluation of a Guideline for Nursing Care of Suicidal Patients With Schizophrenia

This study developed & tested an evidence-based guideline that would support nursing care for suicidal patients with schizophrenia. A systematic review of the literature & expert consultation preceded completion of the guideline. 21 nurses from 2 mental health institutions in The Netherlands tested the guideline for feasibility in nursing practice. The guideline was found to […]

Incidence and Course of Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts in the General Population

Little is known about predictors of onset & course of suicidality in the general population. This study tried to fill this gap by analyzing data from a prospectively followed community sample in The Netherlands. Data were derived from a 3-wave cohort study in a representative sample of 4,848 Dutch adults. The 3-year incidence of suicide […]

Suicidal Behavior in Four Ethnic Groups in The Hague, 2002-2004

This study determined the rates of attempted & completed suicide among ethnic groups in The Hague, The Netherlands during the period 2002-2004. Turkish & Surinamese females aged 15-24 years were at highest risk for attempted suicide. Both groups had significantly higher rates than in same age group of Dutch females. Turkish & Surinamese had lower […]

An Examination of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate’s Supervision System for Suicides of Mental health Care Users

This study examined characteristics of suicides among mental health care users reported between 1996-2006 to the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate & the inspectorate’s follow-up responses. Data were collected from a sample of 505 of the 5,483 suicide notifications & included an equal number of cases to which the inspectorate did & did not respond. For […]

Fatality of Suicide Attempts in Amsterdam 1996-2005

This study identified time trends & demographic differences in the occurrence of nonfatal suicide attempts versus suicides in Amsterdam. Registrations of forensic physicians & ambulance services were used to study 1,004 suicides & 6,166 nonfatal attempts over the period 1996-2005. The number of nonfatal attempts declined from 1996 to 2005, but the number of suicides […]

Vincent van Gogh (IN: Suicide and the Creative Arts, edited by S Stack & D Lester)

This chapter examines the life and suicide of Vincent van Gogh. Analysis is based on correspondence to & from van Gogh. (30 refs.)

Suicide Intervention Skills and Related Factors in Community and Health Professionals

Health & community professionals have considerable exposure to suicidal people & need to be well-skilled to deal with them. The authors assessed suicide intervention skills with a Dutch version of the Suicide Intervention Response Inventory in 980 health & community professionals & psychology students. Suicide intervention skills clearly differed among professional groups & were strongly […]

Homicide Followed by Suicide: a Comparison With Homicide and Suicide

Homicide-suicides are a rare yet very serious form of lethal violence which mainly occur in partnerships & families. The extent to which homicide-suicide can be undertood as being primarily a homicide or a suicide event, or rather a category of its own is examined. In total, 103 homicide-suicides were compared to 3,203 homicides & 17,751 […]

Do Automatic Self-Associations Relate to Suicidal Ideation?

This study investigated automatic self-associations in a large scale community sample that was part of the Netherlands Study of Depression & Anxiety. The results showed automatic self-associations of depression & anxiety were significantly related to suicide ideation & past suicide attempt. Moreover, the interactions between automatic self-depressive (anxious) associations & explicit self-depressive (anxious) beliefs explained […]

Suicidality and Sexual Orientation: Differences Between men and Women in a General Population-Based Sample From The Netherlands

This study assessed differences in lifetimes symptoms of suicidality between homosexual & heterosexual men & women, controlling for lifetime psychiatric morbidity. Data were collected on a representative sample of the Dutch population aged 18-64 years. Homosexual men differed from their heterosexual counterparts on all 4 suicidal symptoms & on the sum total of the 4 […]

Predictors of Suicidality in Depressive Spectrum Disorders in the General Population: Results of the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study

The determinants of suicidality (ideation & attempts) were assessed in a Dutch general population cohort with depressive spectrum disorders. Determinants for ideation & attempts were also compared. In a cohort of 586 persons with a depressive spectrum disorder, 97 reported suicide ideation & 19 suicide attempts in a period of 2 years. In a multivariate […]

Suicide Among Veterans: Research, Models and Data

Research among Vietnam veterans shows that posttraumatic stress disorder & feelings of shame & guilt are risk factors for suicide. Data on Canadian peacekeepers seem to show that these peacekeepers are not at risk for suicide. However, Norwegian peacekeeping veterans are at risk for suicide as well as some groups of active duty military personnel. […]

The Effectiveness of Family-Based Cognitive-Behavior Grief Therapy to Prevent Complicated Grief in Relatives of Suicide Victims: the Mediating Role of Suicide Ideation


Suicidal Thoughts Among Medical Residents With Burnout

The prevalence of burnout & its relationship with suicidal thoughts was investigated in Dutch medical residents. 5126 medical residents received a self-report questionnaire. Burnout was measured with the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Residents were asked about the frequency of suicidal thoughts. The response rate was 41.3%. 432 residents were classified as burnout, 12% reported having suicidal […]