Nepal’s silent epidemic of suicide.


Suicide Prevention in Nepal: a Comparison to Australia – a Personal View

There appear to be a number of differences in the aetiology, presentation, & treatment options for mental health problems between high-resource & low-resource countries. This review compares suicide & suicide prevention in a high-resource country, Australia, & a low-resource country, Nepal. (25 refs.)

Nepal Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Study 2008/2009: Summary of Preliminary Findings

This study examined all deaths of Nepalese women of reproductive age, April 2008-April 2009. Verbal autopsies were carried out to determine the cause of death & contributory factors. During the study period, suicide was the leading cause of death (16 percent), a steep increase from 1998 when suicide was ranked third. Analysis of verbal autopsy […]

A Study of Severity of Intention of Suicide in Various Psychiatric Diagnoses


The Bidimensional Structure of Suicidal Symptoms in Nepal

Poisoning: Pattern and Profile of Admitted Cases in a Hospital in Central Nepal

Suicide in Nepal: Facts and Figures

This letter briefly reports on disturbing trends in the suicide rate in Nepal. In 2000-2001 there were 2000 cases of suicide in Nepal. This figure increased to 3033 in 2001-2002. A 2001 census found that the suicide rate was almost 3 times higher in the male (190) than female (68) population below 14 years of […]