Toward an integrated and comprehensive equity framework for mental health policy and programming: Needs assessment report

Profound and unacceptable inequities in access and mental health outcomes persist in Canada. In response, social justice movements have created a range of distinct but complementary frameworks, including sex and gender-based analysis plus (SGBA+), health equity, intersectionality, anti-racism, decolonization, and mental health recovery. Yet the sheer number of frameworks has created challenges for implementing policy […]

SPRC 2021 Tribal suicide prevention needs assessment: Aggregate technical report

Between December 7, 2021, and January 28, 2022, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) and its partners at Social Science Research and Evaluation, Inc., (SSRE) conducted a Tribal Suicide Prevention Needs Assessment (TNA) with 200 suicide prevention coordinators or other individuals most knowledgeable about the suicide prevention efforts of tribes and tribal health boards (Area […]

Development and use of health-related technologies in indigenous communities: A critical review.

Older Indigenous adults encounter multiple challenges as their age intersects with health inequities. Research suggests that a majority of older Indigenous adults prefer to age in place, and they will need culturally safe assistive technologies to do so. Objective: The aim of this critical review was to examine literature concerning use, adaptation, and development of […]

A Phenomenological study of family needs following the suicide of a teenager.

The objective of this phenomenological study was to develop an understanding of family needs following the suicide of a teenager. Six parent units living in the Midwest who lost a teenager to suicide were interviewed. Participants indicated several key themes that describe a parent’s needs following the suicide of a teenager. These needs were organized […]

Perceptions Regarding Male Suicide and Preventative Services in Co. Kilkenny

This research set out to identify gaps in services & existing policies in addressing suicide among young rural men in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Data were obtained from interviews with service providers & focus group discussions with 15 young men. Results indicated none of the service providers had a specific focus on the problem of suicide […]

Oklahoma Suicide Prevention Toolkit

The goal of this toolkit & training is to provide community advocates the necessary tools to develop & implement successful youth suicide prevention initiatives. Contents of the toolkit include: youth suicide prevention in Oklahoma; effective suicide prevention; youth suicide prevention strategies; getting organized; everyone has a role in youth suicide prevention; why youth participation?; community […]

Taranaki Suicide Prevention Needs Assessment

This report provides the results of a needs assessment conducted in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. 7 chapters discuss: data & methods; suicide in Taranaki; self-harm in Taranaki; suicide prevention in Taranaki; suicide prevention training & coordination; service mapping against the national suicide prevention action plan of 2008; & recommendations. Appendices provide the information […]

Educational Preferences and Outcomes From Suicide Prevention Training in the Veterans Health Administration: One-Year Follow-Up With Healthcare Employees in Upstate New York

This study identified training outcomes & educational preferences of employees who work within the Veterans Health Administration. Using a longitudinal pre- postsurvey design, 71 employees from one geographic region participated in an evaluation of a brief standardized gatekeeper program & a needs assessment on training preferences for suicide & suicide prevention. Results indicate significant differences […]

A Review of Peer Support for Suicide Bereavement as a Postvention Alternative

The authors examine the postvention literature & the related mental health literature on peer support programs to determine their relevance & applicability. This article considers peer support provided as a postvention option or in tandem with conventional professional services. Finally, peer support is examined as an intervention that also needs to be evaluated by quantitative […]

Dealing With Suicide: the Needs of Clergy in Providing Pastoral Care

This report presents the results of a study commissioned to assess the specific needs of churches, religious bodies, & faith-based oganizations in relation to the suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland. Information is provided on the research methodology, quantitative findings, the clergy & their communities, causal explanations of suicide, theological views on suicide, the experience […]

Otago Suicide Prevention Needs Analysis

This needs analysis involved collecting quantitative data on suicide & self-harm in Otago; information & recommednations from previous suicide prevention projects; consultation with community groups & stakeholders; & a stocktake of current initiatives in Otago relevant to the goals of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy. Relevant suicide prevention literature is also summarized. Recommendations are […]

Disconnected Youth: a Needs Assessment August 2007


What Types of Resources do we Need?: the Views of Stakeholders Involved in Suicide Prevention in Scotland

This article presents findings & recommendations emerging from interviews with a diverse range of professionals in Scotland. Views were explored on known & available resources/materials that have as an objective suicide prevention, intervention or postvention. In particular, interviewees were asked how they felt existing resources could be improved, & to identify whether, & if so […]

Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition Community Engagement Consultation

This document reports on the results of an e-mail questionnaire sent to the members of the Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition and the results from a focus group. Members were surveyed regarding satisfaction with the Coalition’s tasks & process, the changing role of a community partner in the Coalition, & suggestions for future work. The e-mail […]

A Framework for Suicide Prevention Planning in Manitoba

This framework was developed to assist government & community agencies in Manitoba develop plans to address suicide. Data on suicide & self-inflicted injury, a review of best practices, recommendations from inquests, & existing suicide prevention strategies were used to formulate the Manitoba framework. The framework has 5 components, each with associated goals & objectives: assessment […]

The Report of the Suicide Prevention Scrutiny Panel

The Suicide Prevention Scrutiny Panel was set up by the Overview & Scrutiny Commission to investigate the high suicide rate in Camden, to consider the main determinants of sucide, to consider work currently being done to prevent suicides in the future, & to make recommendations for action. This report presents the results of this investigation.

Guidance for Community Organisations Involved in Suicide Postvention


Making use of Hindsight Summary Report

Transgender Health: Findings From two Needs Assessment Studies in Philadelphia

Assessment and Planning Tool kit for Suicide Prevention in First Nations Communities

Building Community Support for the Prevention of Youth Suicide and Personal Injury: Response to the Youth Bridging Project Survey

Rural School Health Services: an Assessment of Adolescents’ Felt Needs

The purpose of this study was to determine the felt needs for comprehensive school health services as perceived by adolescents in a rural high school. Results of the study revealed that most students receive basic medical care in their community. Over 75% of students reported they received physical exams during the past year, yet 1 […]

Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program: Summary of Activities 1995-1997