Suicide Types: Theories of Suicide (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)

The author provides a history of theoretical approaches to explaining suicide, beginning with the seminal theories of Freud & Durkheim, & then turning to more recent theories developed by suicidologists in order to account for individual suicides as well as the suicide rates within a society. (14 refs)

Thwarting Disorientation and Suicide: an Examination of Naroll’s Theory of Suicide

The thwarting disorientation theory of suicide proposed by Naroll is described. Empirical tests of Naroll’s theory, conducted by him & others, are reviewed & found to be supportive of the theory. Naroll’s idea that suicide may be used as an index of the quality of a culture is described & found to be consistent with […]

A Cross-Cultural Study of Suicide (Micro HV 6545 K72 1966)

Descriptive accounts of suicide, collected from cross-cultural surveys of 58 societies, mostly primitive tribes, were analyzed. The investigation focused on Naroll’s theories of the relationship of thwarting disorientation situations (TDSs) to suicide, using content analysis of individual suicide cases. (KB)