Ongoing incestuous abuse during adulthood.

Individual cases of adult incestuous abuse have surfaced repeatedly in the lay and professional literature of the past 1.5 centuries without it occasioning systematic investigation, such as the reporting of a case series of individuals subjected to such extreme abuse. Yet substantial numbers of patients with dissociative identity disorder at the time of presentation report […]

Dissociation and Suicide in the Young

For the original article by Hendin, please see SIEC #1991-1242.

The Clinical Phenomenology of Multiple Personality Disorder: Review of 100 Recent Cases

The clinical syndrome of multiple personality disorder is an unusual dissociative condition that has been poorly characterized. In an attempt to better delineate its clinical phenomenology, 100 cases were collected on a 386-item questionnaire completed by clinicians involved in the treatment of patients with multiple personality disorder. This study documents the existence of a clinical […]