The Cedar Project: Relationship between child apprehension and attempted suicide among young Indigenous mothers impacted by substance use in two Canadian cities

Indigenous leaders are gravely concerned over disproportionate representation of Indigenous children in Canada’s child welfare systems. Forced separation from children is deeply traumatizing for mothers and detrimental to the wellbeing of Indigenous families, communities and Nations. This study examined relationships between child apprehension and suicide attempt within a cohort of young Indigenous women impacted by […]

Mother and son suicide pact due to COVID-19-related online learning issues in Bangladesh: An unusual case report

On 11 June 2020, a private university student (aged 22 years) and his mother (aged 47 years) from Bogra, Bangladesh, committed suicide together by ingesting poisonous gas tablets in a forest close to where they both lived (The Daily Campus 2020). The day before the suicides, the student’s father insisted that his son complete online tests because he […]

Interpersonal trauma and suicide attempts in low-income depressed mothers in home visiting

Background Risk of suicide is a major concern for depressed mothers in the perinatal period. The strongest predictor of completing suicide is having made a previous attempt. Little is known about the clinical features of low-income, depressed mothers who have attempted suicide in contrast to those who have not. Objective This study examined clinical and […]

Mother-daughter interpersonal processes underlying the association between child maltreatment and adolescent suicide ideation

Objective The aim of the present study was to investigate whether mother‐daughter relationship quality and mother‐daughter conflict represent mechanisms underlying the association between child maltreatment and adolescent passive or active suicide ideation. Method The sample included 164 socioeconomically disadvantaged depressed adolescent girls and their mothers (adolescents: mean age = 14.00 years; 66.3% African‐American, 21.3% white, 14.0% Latina). […]

Prevalence, clinical correlates and maternal psychopathology of deliberate self-harm in children and early adolescents: Results from a large community study.

OBJECTIVES: Little is known about the prevalence and correlates of deliberate self-harm (DSH) in children from low- and middle-income countries. We investigated the prevalence of DSH and its clinical and maternal psychopathological associations in Brazilian children (n=2,508, ages 6-14y) in a community-based study. METHODS: Participants of the High Risk Cohort Study for the Development of […]

Suicide attempts and completions among mothers whose children were taken into care by child protection services: A cohort study using linkable administrative data.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to examine suicide attempts and completions among mothers who had a child taken into care by child protection services (CPS). These mothers were compared with their biological sisters who did not have a child taken into care and with mothers who received services from CPS but did not […]

The cycle of child protection services involvement: A cohort study of adolescent mothers.

OBJECTIVES: To determine if adolescent mothers who were in the care of child protection services (CPS) when they gave birth to their first child are more likely to have that child taken into CPS care before the child’s second birthday than adolescent mothers who were not in the care of CPS. METHODS: Linkable administrative data were used […]

Suicide and suicide attempts among women in the Manitoba Mothers and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder cohort: A retrospective matched analysis using linked administrative data.

Women who give birth to children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) may be at increased risk for suicide; however, there are few data in this area. The objective of this study was to compare rates of suicide between women who had given birth to children with FASD and women who had not given birth […]

Suicidal ideation among heroin-abusing mothers in methadone maintenance treatment.

Background: There is a dearth of information about mothers in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), their parental stress, and suicidal ideation. Aim: To evaluate parenting stress and suicidal ideation among heroin-dependent mothers in MMT. Method: The study was conducted at an MMT center. Inclusion criteria were mothers with at least one child between 6–12 years of […]

Early mortality from external causes in Aboriginal mothers: A retrospective cohort study.

Background Maternal loss can have a deep-rooted impact on families. Whilst a disproportionate number of Aboriginal women die from potentially preventable causes, no research has investigated mortality in Aboriginal mothers. We aimed to examine the elevated mortality risk in Aboriginal mothers with a focus on external causes. Methods We linked data from four state administrative […]

Intergenerational transmission of maladaptive parenting strategies in families of adolescent mothers: Effects from grandmothers to young children.

The current longitudinal study examined the effect of the transmission of maladaptive parenting strategies from grandmothers to adolescent mothers on childrenÕs subsequent development. Mexican-origin adolescent mothers (N = 204) participated in home interviews when the adolescentÕs child (89 boys, 60 girls) was 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old. GrandmothersÕ psychological control toward the adolescent mother was […]