Exploration of the prevalence and profile of suicide cases in the population of northern Morocco (2017-2022)

Background: Suicide, a complex phenomenon that constitutes a major public health issue, has been increasingly prevalent in the Moroccan context. Against this backdrop, this study examines the prevalence and profile characteristics of suicide cases in the northern region of Morocco. Methods: Employing a retrospective research design, we analyzed data from the forensic unit service in […]

Assessment of Suicidality in a Moroccan Metropolitan Area

This study evaluated the prevalence of suicide ideation & attempts in a representative sample of the general population in Casablanca, Morocco. The survey was conducted using face-to-face household interviews. The Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview was used to assess axis I diagnoses & the suicidality module was used to rate the severity of active suicidality. The […]

The Suicide Taboo and its Violation in a Central Moroccan City: An Anthropological Study (Micro HV 6548 M82 M43)

This study describes & analyzes the socioculturally patterned response to inquiries about suicide in Meknes, Morocco. the response-denial of the occurrence of suicide points out differences between cultures in the ordering, classifying, & defining normative behaviors. The highly emotive negative response of the Moroccan suggests that suicide is considered taboo. It is suggested that interventionist […]