Assessment of Suicidality in a Moroccan Metropolitan Area

This study evaluated the prevalence of suicide ideation & attempts in a representative sample of the general population in Casablanca, Morocco. The survey was conducted using face-to-face household interviews. The Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview was used to assess axis I diagnoses & the suicidality module was used to rate the severity of active suicidality. The […]

The Suicide Taboo and its Violation in a Central Moroccan City: An Anthropological Study (Micro HV 6548 M82 M43)

This study describes & analyzes the socioculturally patterned response to inquiries about suicide in Meknes, Morocco. the response-denial of the occurrence of suicide points out differences between cultures in the ordering, classifying, & defining normative behaviors. The highly emotive negative response of the Moroccan suggests that suicide is considered taboo. It is suggested that interventionist […]