“I was suicidal and you welcomed me”: Framing suicide prevention in Mongolia through the lens of Christian hospitality (IN Navigating complexity in our world: Public theologies for everyday life, edited by G. Okesson & A. Allen)

Despite the preventable nature of suicide and the WHO’s call for national suicide prevention programs to be developed in every country, a number of countries including Mongolia have yet to develop a comprehensive program that operates the suicide prevention plan at the national level. Drawing inspiration from Mongolia’s traditions of hospitality and taking seriously the […]

Suicidal plans and attempts among adolescents in Mongolia: Urban versus rural differences.

Background: Although 75% of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries, few studies have examined suicidal behaviors among young people in these countries. Aims: This study aimed to examine what individual characteristics were associated with suicidal plans and attempts among Mongolian youth and whether suicidal risks and behaviors varied by urban and rural locations. Method: Logistic regression analyses were utilized […]