Fundamentals for future mobile-health (mHealth): A systematic review of mobile phone and web-based text messaging in mental health.

Mobile phone text messages (short message service, SMS) are used pervasively as a form of communication. Almost 100% of the population uses text messaging worldwide and this technology is being suggested as a promising tool in psychiatry. Text messages can be sent either from a classic mobile phone or a web-based application. Reviews are needed[…]

Mobile Crisis Team Intervention to Enhance Linkage of Discharged Suicidal Emergency Department Patients to Outpatient Psychiatric Services: a Randomized Controlled Trial

In a rater-blinded, randomized controlled trial, 120 participants who were evaluated for suicidal thoughts, plans, or behaviours, & who were subsequently discharged from an urban emergency department, were randomized to follow-up either in the community via a mobile crisis team or at an outpatient mental health clinic. Successful first clinical contact after discharge occurred in[…]

Police-Citizen Encounters That Involve Mental Health Concerns: Results of an Ontario Police Services Survey

Police services in Ontario were surveyed to learn about changes in volume of contacts with persons with mental illness & use of pre-arrest diversion practices between 2003-2007. Information was also gathered on calls received & cleared that involved suicide threats, attempts, & completions. Findings indicated a trend of increasing police encounters with persons with mental[…]

Changes to Mental Healthcare for Working age Adults: Impact of a Crisis Team and an Assertive Outreach Team


Lethality Assessment and Crisis Intervention With Persons Presenting With Suicidal Ideation (IN: Crisis Intervention Handbook 3rd Edition, ed. by A R Roberts)

Crisis Curriculum: a Mental Health Manual

Neighborhood Service Organization Emergency Telephone Service/Suicide Prevention Center’s Mobile Crisis Response Team

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Responding to the Chronically Suicidal Adolescent

Delineating the Population Served by a Mobile Crisis Team: Organizing Diversity


Crisis Intervention (IN: Handbook of Psychology: Clinical Psychology, vol.8, ed. by G Stricker and T A Widiger)

This chapter presents a summary of the historical highlights & the theoretical influences of the development of modern crisis intervention theory. Classic & newer models for emergency psychological care are discussed. Exploration of useful therapy techniques, differences between psychotherapy & crisis intervention, & delivery of emergency mental health services is presented. A general framework for[…]