Suicide in first-generation Australian migrants, 2006-2019: A retrospective mortality study

Background: This study addressed the limited understanding of suicide risk and patterns among migrants in Australia. It examined national-level suicide rates and trends in the Australian population to identify migrant groups which are disproportionately affected by suicide. Methods: The National Coronial Information System was used to identify suicide cases from 2006 to 2019. Incident rate […]

Is it better to intermarry? Immigration background of married couples and suicide risk among native-born and migrant persons in Sweden

Marriage is protective against suicide across most populations, including for persons of different ethnicities and immigrant backgrounds. However, the well-being benefits of marriage are contingent upon marital characteristics—such as conflict and quality—that may vary across spousal dyads with different immigration backgrounds. Leveraging Swedish register data, we compare suicide mortality among married persons on the basis […]

Relationship among social capital, employment uncertainty, anxiety, and suicidal behaviors: A chained multi-mediator mediation modeling analysis

Objective Social capital is a significant predictor of suicidal behaviors among Chinese rural migrants. However, the mechanism, including the impact of employment and mental health, has not been fully understood. This study aims to examine the complex relationships linking social capital to suicidal behaviors. Method Data were collected from a probability sample (n = 1,245) of rural […]