Social anxiety and suicidal ideation among middle-school students in China: A mediation model of internet addiction

Background: Suicide is a fatal public health issue for adolescents, and it is of great significance to explore the precursors of suicidal behaviors, especially suicidal ideation. However, the relationship between social anxiety and suicidal ideation and its mechanism are still unclear. The study aims to examine the association between social anxiety and suicidal ideation and the […]

Suicidal mortality and motives among middle-school, high-school, and university students

Importance: The suicide mortality rate per 100 000 population (SMRP) consistently decreased before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Japan and then unexpectedly increased during the pandemic. However, the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. Objective: To identify trends in and factors associated with suicidal mortality and motives among students in Japan from 2007 to 2022. Design, Setting, […]

What matters for adolescent suicidality: Depressive symptoms or fixed mindsets? Examination of cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between fixed mindsets and suicidal ideation

Background Fixed mindsets or beliefs about the non-malleability of self-attributes are linked to a wide range of negative psychological outcomes. Its association with suicidal ideation (SI) among young people has not been explored. Objectives To examine the association of fixed mindsets of depression, anxiety, and stress and SI; and its mediating role underlying the association […]

Risk and protective factors associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviors among Maryland middle school students

The aim of this study was to identify independent risk and protective factors associated with self-reported suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STB) among young adolescents by examining self-report data on mental health, substance abuse, violence involvement, social and economic challenges and supports, physical health and demographics in relation to STB. Data from nearly 27,000 students who […]