Suicide Types: Theories of Suicide (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)

The author provides a history of theoretical approaches to explaining suicide, beginning with the seminal theories of Freud & Durkheim, & then turning to more recent theories developed by suicidologists in order to account for individual suicides as well as the suicide rates within a society. (14 refs)

Who is a Suicide Patient? The Profile of a Suicidal Quien es un paciente suicida? El perfil del suicida

This article is an English translation. The original Spanish text is also available.

Menninger’s Motives for Suicide in Suicide Notes From America and Germany

40 suicide notes from Germany were compared to 28 suicide notes from the USA to see if they differed in the frequency of Menninger’s (1938) three motives for suicide: anger at others, anger at oneself, & escape from unbearable pain. The notes from Germany had the “to die” motive significantly more often than the American […]