Suicide and telehealth treatments: A PRISMA scoping review

Background This PRISMA scoping review explored worldwide research on the delivery of suicide-specific interventions through an exclusive telehealth modality. Research over telehealth modalities with suicidal individuals highlights the importance of facilitating participants’ access to treatments despite location and circumstances (e.g., rural, expenses related to appointments, etc.). Aim The review sought evidence of outcomes of trials […]

Remote supervision and training in suicide prevention during the time of the coronavirus pandemic: Recommendations for training programs and supervisors

The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has led to a widespread surge in need for mental health services. At the same time, trainees in health service psychology rapidly transitioned to remote work to protect the safety of themselves, colleagues, and patients from the pandemic. This abrupt switch has led to pioneering advancements in the use of remote […]

Telehealth and indigenous populations around the world: A systematic review on current modalities for physical and mental health

Approximately 370–500 million Indigenous people live worldwide. While Indigenous peoples make up only 5% of the world’s population, they account for 15% of the extreme poor and have life expectancy that is 20 years shorter than that of non-Indigenous people. Access to healthcare has been identified as an important social determinant of health and key […]