Suicide and Religiosity – Masaryk’s Theory Revisited


About Some 19th-Century Theories of Suicide: Interpreting Suicide in an East European Country

In this article I compare the suicide theories advanced by two 19th-century thinkers, Masaryk and Durkheim, and test their conclusions using data from an East European country, Romania, before and after the 1989 fall of communism. Using data from various sources (censuses, vital statistical publications, European databases), I follow two main directions in my discussion: […]

Suicide and Religion in Ireland: an Investigation of Thomas Masaryk’s Theory of Suicide

An Empirical Examination of Thomas Masaryk’s Theory of Suicide

The theory of suicide proposed by Masaryk in 1881 was reviewed & 2 predictions derived from the theory: namely that suicide rates should increase with decreasing religiosity & increasing modernization. Both predictions were supported. Suicide rates have increased in the majority of nations over the last hundred years & are associated with church attendance (but […]

Modernization and Suicide: a Comment on: ‘An Empirical Examination of Thomas Masaryk’s Theory of Suicide’

Old and New Trends in Suicide Research

This paper covers the sociological and psychological history of the study of suicidal behaviours. Included in the discussion are such names as Durkheim, Masaryk, Sainsbury, Bernfeld, Menninger, Stengle, & Cook. (14 ref.)