Suicide trends and prevention in rural Pennsylvania counties and schools

Key Findings: • Suicide rates in Pennsylvania increased substantially from 1999 to 2018. • In 2018, the suicide rate in rural counties was 25 percent higher than the rate in urban counties. • Among rural and urban counties, there is substantial variation in suicide rates. • Higher numbers of handgun sales per 1,000 residents, lower […]

Living hope: A community plan to prevent suicide in Edmonton 2018-2021.

The Committee worked to develop actions and activities within the three areas that research demonstrates have the potential to move the needle on suicide prevention: •• awareness and education •• accessibility to the full continuum of services •• addressing the needs of higher risk populations Responsibility for implementation will be divided among key stakeholders, each with a […]

A Framework for the Development of a Suicide Prevention Strategy

The purpose of this document is provide recommendations or strategies aimed at the prevention of suicide in London-Middlesex. 5 key recommendations include: improve intervention & treatment for those at risk of suicide; improve interventions & support for those affected by suicide; increase efforts to reduce access to lethal means of suicide; increase research activities; & […]

Giving People Help and Hope: Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

This report outlines the strategic plan for the prevention of suicide in Santa Clara County, California. It opens with a review of the impact of suicide in Santa Clara County, what the Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee did, & what the Committee learned. The next part of the report summarizes local needs & is followed by […]

Otago Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2010 – 2012

The purpose of this Suicide Prevention Action Plan is to address the goals & outcomes of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy, through the development of community & organisational-level interventions. The Plan is based on the specific issues, needs, & capacity of the Otago community. The goals of the Action Plan are to: improve the […]

Shiawassee County Suicide Prevention Plan 2008


Wiregrass Suicide Prevention Services Plan 2010

The goal of the Wiregrass Suicide Prevention Services Plan is to reduce the incidence of suicide & non-lethal suicidal behaviour in the Wiregrass, Alabama area. The goals & objectives associated with each of the 3 stated purposes – raise awareness, provide intervention, use research methodology – are outlined.

Hamilton Suicide Prevention Strategy First Edition

The purpose of this strategy is to guide the development of an integrated, coordinated, comprehensive suicide prevention approach in the Hamilton community. The objectives are: to increase community commitment to participate in the strategy; to increase awareness in every part of the community that suicide is a significant health problem & that it is preventable […]

A 5 Year Strategy for Suicide Reduction and Prevention (Final Version)

This document outlines a 5-year strategy for the reduction & prevention of suicide within the North East region of England. Strategic priorities have been split into key processes & key priorities. Key processes include data collection, knowledge transfer, commissioning, governance arrangements, training needs for suicide prevention, managing of suicide clusters, & the the management of […]

Suicide Prevention Strategy for the City of Westminster 2009 – 2012

This strategy aims: 1) to produce a comprehensive package of practical actions which are likely to have an impact on the number of suicides in Westminster; & 2) to provide a structure to co-ordinate activities resulting in improved suicide prevention, particularly, early intervention & treatment. 6 categories of action are detailed: general population interventions, mental […]

Suicide Prevention Strategy for Devon

This strategy sets out the approach that will be taken to reduce deaths from suicide & undetermined injury in Devon. The range of targets, objectives, & actions that will contribute to a multi-agency response are identified. The objectives that are addressed are: reducing the risk in high-risk groups; promoting mental well-being in the wider population; […]

Taranaki Suicide Prevention Needs Assessment

This report provides the results of a needs assessment conducted in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. 7 chapters discuss: data & methods; suicide in Taranaki; self-harm in Taranaki; suicide prevention in Taranaki; suicide prevention training & coordination; service mapping against the national suicide prevention action plan of 2008; & recommendations. Appendices provide the information […]

An Overview of Suicide Prevention Strategies: a Case Study of Knocknaheeny, Cork

This paper explores suicide prevention strategies in the area of Knocknaheeny in Cork, Ireland. Data was collected from national & international policies & agency publications. Theories of prevention were explored & prevention strategies which exist in other countries studied. The findings suggested a major awareness of the need for targeted suicide prevention services. Participants all […]

Monroe County Suicide Prevention Plan

The suicide prevention plan for Monroe County, Michigan has 3 main components: awareness, intervention, & follow-up. This document outlines the goals & objectives associated with each of these. Awareness goals include community development & community education, the reduction of stigma, the implementation of prevention programs, & reducing the number of suicides in Monroe County. The […]

Mind Matters: a Strategy for Suicide Prevention and the Promotion of Mental Well Being in Walsall 2007-2010

This report outlines the suicide prevention & mental health promotion strategy for Walsall. Elements of the strategy include suicide prevention programs, marketing mental health, supporting equality & inclusion, programs for the early years, children & schools, employment & the workplace, addressing violence & abuse, programs for the elderly, & partnerships & communities.

Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan (Version No. 1:6)

This document presents the suicide prevention strategy for the Plymouth Primary Care Trust. The goals & objectives for action include: reducing risk in key high risk groups, promoting the mental well-being of the wider population; reducing the availability & lethality of suicide methods; improving media coverage; promoting research on suicide & suicidal behaviours; & improving […]

Partnership Suicide Prevention Strategy


Suicide Prevention Strategy. Action Plan 2008-2009

Suicide Prevention in Delaware County: an Action Plan for 2009-2011

This document presents an action plan for suicide prevention & postvention in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The plan will develop broad-based county-wide support for suicide prevention; promote awareness & education that suicide is a preventable community health problem; reduce stigma; develop & implement community programs; promote community efforts to reduce access to lethal means; & improve […]

Bristol Suicide Prevention Strategy 2007 – 2010

This document presents the 3-year plan for suicide prevention in Bristol. The plan includes 9 action points: publishing an annual audit report; monitoring local media coverage & taking action to improve reporting; monitoring local hotspots, railways, & prescriptions for toxic medicines; reviewing & developing a complementary mental health promotion strategy; developing strategies for high-risk groups; […]

The Suicide Prevention Strategy for East Lancashire: Summary


Healthy Kent Suicide Prevention Plan: Intervening in the Tapestry of Life – Providing Hope

This document outlines the suicide prevention strategy for Kent County, Michigan. The goals & objectives of the plan include community development, community education, training for health care professionals & community workers, postvention services for any Kent County resident affected by an attempted suicide or death by suicide, developing broad-based community support for the plan, & […]

The Hull and East Riding Suicide Prevention Strategy 2005-2008

This pamphlet provides the suicide prevention strategy for Hull and East Riding in the United Kingdom. Goals & objectives relate to community education, evaluation, the promotion of positive media coverage, training for professionals, & postvention services for those bereaved by suicide & those who have attempted suicide.