The burden of premature mortality related to suicidein West Azerbaijan from 2014 to 2016: A death registry system-based study

Background: Examining the premature death rate represents the first step in estimating the overall burden of disease, reflecting a full picture of how different causes affect population health and providing a way of monitoring and evaluating population health. Aims: This study was conducted to assess the burden of premature mortality from suicides in West Azerbaijan […]

The impact of suicide on life expectancy: A Hong Kong experience

Background: In Hong Kong, there have been significant changes in suicide rates during the period 1996–2015. Aim: We aimed to assess the impact of change in suicide rates on life expectancy in Hong Kong. Method: A decomposition method was used to quantify the impact of suicide on life expectancy in Hong Kong. Results: During 1996–2003, the increase in total suicide rate made […]

Life expectancy and mortality rates in the United States, 1959-2017

Objective  To examine vital statistics and review the history of changes in US life expectancy and increasing mortality rates; and to identify potential contributing factors, drawing insights from current literature and an analysis of state-level trends. Evidence  Life expectancy data for 1959-2016 and cause-specific mortality rates for 1999-2017 were obtained from the US Mortality Database and CDC […]