Shaping a lifeline: Harnessing the power of Lebanese media to combat suicide in Lebanon

The policy brief highlights the role of media in reporting on suicide and its potential impact on suicidal behaviors. It emphasizes that responsible reporting can play a crucial role in suicide prevention by focusing on help-seeking and positive coping strategies. It also highlights the impact of detailed, explicit, sensational, and repetitive reporting on leading to […]

Suicidal ideation among Lebanese adolescents: Scale validation, prevalence and correlates

Background In addition to the unstable political situation, Lebanon had experienced a cycle of wars, local armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, and crises (lack of clean water, recurrent power failure, and waste mismanagement, in addition to the growing number of unemployed people, as the number of Syrian refugees has dramatically increased, and led to competition for […]

Suicide Terrorism: Development & Characteristics

Messengers of Death: Female Suicide Bombers


The Palestinian Suicide Bomber (IN: The Psychology of Terrorism, vol. 2: Clinical Aspects and Responses, ed. by C E Stout)


Adolescent Health-Related Behaviors in Postwar Lebanon: Findings Among Students at the American University of Beirut

This study presents the findings of a survey of health risk behaviors of entering students at the American University of Beirut as a first attempt to examine adolescent health behaviors in postwar Lebanon. The final sample used for analysis included 954 students. The most frequently occuring risk behaviors were unhealthy dietary patterns, lack of seat […]