Self-Reported Suicidal and Help Seeking Behaviours in the General Population of Latvia

This study assessed the prevalence of suicidal behaviours in the general population in Latvia, identified risk groups, examined a possible continuous sequence of suicidal behaviours with underlying gradient of severity, assessed patterns of help-seeking behaviours & preferences for different types of services. A postal survey was carried out. The last year & lifetime prevalence of […]

On Elderly Persons’ Suicidal Tendencies in Latvia

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Suicide and Homicide: Durkheim’s and Henry and Short’s Theories Tested on Data From the Baltic States

The three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania – were studied in two sociopolitically divergent periods, 1970-1984 & 1985-1998. Results of the study supported the hypothesis that suicide & homicide rates are affected by sociopolitical & economic conditions. Findings are examined using Durkheim’s & Henry & Short’s theories. (31 refs)

Suicide Rates in Latvia Dramatically Influenced by the Transition Period 1980-1998

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad