Sibship Size, Birth Order, and Personality Among Kuwaiti College Students

In a sample of 460 (103 males, 357 females) Kuwaiti college students, mean age 21.9 years, scores on the Arabic Scale of Optimism and Pessimism, the Death Obsession Scale, the Arabic Scale of Obsession-Compulsion, the Kuwait University Anxiety Scale, the Taoist Orientation Scale, & the Suicidal Ideation Scale were not associated with sibship size & […]

A Taoist Orientation and Mental Health in Kuwaiti and American Students

In two studies of American & Kuwaiti students, scores on a measure of having a Taoist orientation were associated with less psychopathology on measures of anxiety, death anxiety, existential anxiety, optimism-pessimism, suicidality, & obsessive-compulsiveness. (9 refs.)

The Psychometric Properties and Correlates of the Reynolds’ Suicide Ideation Questionnaire With Kuwaiti and American Students

In samples of 460 Kuwaiti & 273 American college students, the Reynolds Suicide Ideation Questionnaire proved to have good internal consistency & concurrent validity with measures of anxiety, optimism, pessimism, death obsession, obsession-compulsion, & ego-grasping. The questionnaire was factorially complex in both samples, but the 8 critical items showed a similar two-factor pattern in both […]

Suicidality and Personality in American and Kuwaiti Students


Attitudes Toward Physician-assisted Suicide and Death Anxiety Among Kuwaiti Students


Can Personality Predict Suicidality? A Study in two Cultures


The Profile of Parasuicide Repeaters in Kuwait

Determined the incidence of factors assoc. with subsequent parasuicide and/or fatal outcome in a cohort of 92 consecutive parasuicidal patients who were followed up for 2 yrs at 6-mo intervals. Predictors of further suicidal behavior were identified including, among others, previous parasuicide & chronic family problems. Repeaters’ level of social functioning was 3x lower than […]

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry in a Kuwaiti General Hospital

Analyzed the psychiatric profiles of 146 female & 62 male Kuwaiti general hospital patients referred for psychiatric consultation. Data indicate that 43.3% of Ss were referred for suicide attempts. Diagnoses of depression & adjustment disorders were most common & the main psychiatric responses were brief psychotherapy & joint family counseling. Means to promote good relationships […]

The Suicide Terrorists

This news report covers a suicide bombing involving a truck driven by two young Moslems at the US embassy in Kuwait City, followed by explosions at five other Kuwaiti locations. It is a message to oust Americans from the Middle East, inspired by Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution, and motivated by a belief that to die for […]