Do suicidal thoughts and behavior persist following juvenile justice involvement?

Introduction This study examines suicidal ideation and behavior of youth in the 3 months following their initial diversion appointment in the juvenile justice system. Method Participants were 99 adolescents (72.7% female; 65% racial minority) between the ages of 12 and 18 (Mage = 15.06, SD = 1.35) and a parent/caregiver (80% female; 54% racial minority; Mage = 42.7 years, SD = 8.9 years). Participants were eligible […]

Towards a sociological understanding of medical gaslighting in western health care

In recent years, the term ‘medical gaslighting’ and accompanying accounts of self- identified women experiencing invalidation, dismissal and inadequate care have proliferated in the media. Gaslighting has primarily been conceptualized in the field of psychology as a phenomenon within interpersonal relationships. Following the work of Paige Sweet (American Sociological Review, 84, 2019, 851), I argue […]