Suicide trends in Jordan in correlation with the COVID-19 Pandemic: A forensic medicine perspective

Background: This study aimed to examine the suicide trends among Jordanians who died by suicide before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and assess their correlation with demographic data, including gender, age, marital status, and the method used for suicide, from a forensic medicine perspective. Methodology: This was a retrospective, observational, autopsy-based study. […]

Suicide literacy, suicide stigma, and psychological help seeking attitudes among Arab youth

To date, very little is known about the current situation of suicide and its effects on psychological help-seeking attitudes in Arab countries. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the levels of suicide literacy and suicide stigma and their relationships with attitudes towards seeking psychological help among a sample of Arab youth in Jordan. A descriptive, […]

Non-suicidal self-injury among adolescents in Amman, Jordan.


Sociodemographic and Clinical Profile of Deliberate Self-Harm Syndrome in Jordanian Patients


Parasuicide During Ramadan in Jordan

To investigate the impact of national & religious events on the rate of parasuicide in Jordan, a comparison was made between the number of reported parasuicides during the month of Ramadan & the month before & after Ramadan for the years 1986-91. Significantly fewer parasuicides were reported during Ramadan than the month preceding & following […]

Suicide in Jordan 1980-1985

In a study of suicide in Jordan from 1980-85, there were 219 suicides (2.1/100,000). The peak rate was found in the age group 15-34 years. Nearly 2/3 of males who committed suicide were single, unlike females. Over 1/2 of the males were either unemployed &/or unskilled manual workers & over 2/3 of the females were […]

Pesticide Mortality

Presents data on 329 deaths in Jordan that resulted from poisoning by pesticides from 1973-85. Annual mortality rates due to suicidal & accidental poisoning are 61% & 35.3% respectively. 60.7% of the suicides are 15-24 years of age. Calls for rigorous regulation to minimize high mortality rates from pesticide poisoning. (14 ref)

The Structural Graphology and the Suicidal Personality

Ethical Norms of Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention

Theological Reflections on Suicide

Argues that a relationship exists between absolute freedom & the possibility of suicide. Suicide is viewed as the implicit affirmation of the nonexistence of God & freedom through suicide is regarded as only a possibility, the realization of which does not belong to man. The interconnection among theology, psychology, & philosophy is stressed. Suicide is […]