Suicidal ideation and suicide attempt among adolescents in Western Jamaica: A preliminary study

Background:¬†Although extensive studies on adolescent suicidal behavior have been conducted in developed countries such as the United States, little data exist on risk factors for suicide among adolescents in culturally and socially disadvantages settings, such as Jamaica. Aims:¬†To conduct a preliminary investigation of risk factors associated with suicide ideation and attempt among youths in Western […]

The psychology of gender, economics, and homicide on suicide in Jamaica: Using time series data from 2000-2019

Introduction: There are approximately 800,000 suicides globally each year, with most cases occurring in low to middle-income countries. An individual commits suicide every 40 seconds. Methods and Materials: This study employs Durkheim’s theory on suicide to explain the macro levels of this phenomenon. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) […]

Manual for Estimating the Economic Costs of Injuries due to Interpersonal and Self-Directed Violence

This manual begins by discussing the rationale for estimating the economic costs of violence, the objectives of the manual, & target audiences. The next 3 chapters discuss: defining violence & measuring its occurence; methodological approaches to estimating the magnitude & costs of violence-related injuries; & guidelines. The fifth chapter presents 3 case studies from Brazil, […]

Acetaminophen Overdose in Jamaica


A Public Health and Suicide Risk in Jamaica From 2002 to 2006

This study updates data on the prevalence of suicide in Jamaica, makes comparisons with international data, provides age-gender data on those who die by suicide, & provides information for public health practitioners to inform policy decisions. The suicide rate averaged 2.26 per 100,000 over the study period. In 2006, the suicide rate for males was […]

Resiliency Factors in Jamaican Adolescents

Suicidal Behaviour and Admissions to the Psychiatric Ward at a University Hospital 1996-2000

The theme of this Conference was “Injuries, Suicide & Violence: Building Knowledge, Policies & Practices to Promote a Safer World”

Suicide in Jamaica

This study describes the distribution of suicide in Jamaica in 1975 & 1976. Over 28,000 death certificates were scrutinized & field survey methods used to identify possible suicides. 58 suicides were found; correct identification of suicide had taken place in 16 cases. In Jamaica a low rate of suicide is related to the African backround […]